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What happens when a Coupon Expert in one region of the USA moves to another area of the country? I have started over learning new stores, coupon policies and building a reasonable stock pile and savings routine from scratch since October 1, 2011. I was an expert in Atlanta and the South but now happily reside in Columbia, Missouri!

I've searched other blogs and sites but I can't find someone else in my shoes so hopefully reading how I started over can help you! Whether you are a seasoned couponer in a new area OR a beginner- I know I can help walk you through what to do and help you start saving big! Starting over has made me realize how newbies to coupons feel and made me walk a grocery store aisle or two in a beginner's shoes again! Email me at and let me know how I can help! Thanks for reading and taking this journey with me!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Drumroll please.... our 2011 Savings Tracker Results!

Happy 2012!
Now that 2011 is over, here's a summary of our 2011 Savings Tracker and how well we did on groceries, drugstore deals, produce etc. for the year.

Shelf Price: $7534.34
Coupons Used: 1629.70 (WOW- paper $$ that added up!)
Saved: 3667.74
Spent: 4025.12 (WOW- average $335 a month)
Goal: 3150.00 (Major move wasn't factored in the goal!)
Overage: (875.12)
Percentage Saved: 48.68%

We did INCREDIBLE considering the move that came out of blue, losing our stockpile, losing our freezer, losing our garden and having to rebuild in Missouri.

Tracking our savings was a real eye opener this year. I suggest you do the same.
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