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What happens when a Coupon Expert in one region of the USA moves to another area of the country? I have started over learning new stores, coupon policies and building a reasonable stock pile and savings routine from scratch since October 1, 2011. I was an expert in Atlanta and the South but now happily reside in Columbia, Missouri!

I've searched other blogs and sites but I can't find someone else in my shoes so hopefully reading how I started over can help you! Whether you are a seasoned couponer in a new area OR a beginner- I know I can help walk you through what to do and help you start saving big! Starting over has made me realize how newbies to coupons feel and made me walk a grocery store aisle or two in a beginner's shoes again! Email me at and let me know how I can help! Thanks for reading and taking this journey with me!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Great shop at Publix today!!

Scored great deals at Publix today! Spent $8.99 and saved over $45.72! Savings 88%!!

We got:
11 cans of Del Monte No Salt Added Tomatoes FREE! plus .05 cent overage
2 Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes .35 cents each or 87% off
4 Can't Believe It's Not Butter .45 cents each or 82% off
1 Pam Cooking Spray $1.00 or 71% off
2 Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaners .60 each or 81% off
1lb of seedless red grapes .99 cents or 51% off
4 Kellogg Pop Tarts .70 cents or 71% off

25 items for $8.99!

Free Tomatoes at Publix this week!

You can make a nickel and get free canned tomatoes this week!

Del Monte Tomatoes with no salt added are 2 for $1.49 this week. There is a 40 cent coupon for this no salt added variety in the 2/8 RP which will double to 80 cents!

Free plus overage is always the price I like best and having canned tomatoes in the pantry always come in handy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cherokee County's "Largest" Garage Sale

I've never done this before and found it when I was registering my daughter for tennis at the Cherokee County Park and Recreations Department.

The garage sale is 3/7 from 8-12 and it's indoor so the weather won't be a factor. I reserved a space and we are going to sell the stockpile! I asked about the success last year and I was told everyone did very well.

If you like garage sales and finding great bargains- the Rec Department is just north of downtown Woodstock on Highway 5.

If you are in the area- you can register for a 15X15 space by Friday. Cost is $15.

Come by and say hey!!

2 Deals from AllState

Click here and you'll find a free 1 day pass to Sam's Club good through 3/31/09 and a code for to get a $25 GC for $5.

You have to register and there is a box to check at the bottom allowing AllState to contact you via email with insurance savings information. Just don't click the box if you are happy with your current insurance.

The code for AllState at is ALL. I would use this one after the first of the month since they are $2 right now with the code DINE. This would be a way to save on the hot GCs to restaurants that sell out quickly at the first of the month and never make it to the heavy discount towards the end of the month.


Wendy's- Free Dollar Menu Item
Sign up here. Sign up for Wendy Mail and you will receive a $1 off coupon good on any item within the week via email.

Denny's- Buy One Get One Free Coupons
Click here to print 3 different coupons for B1G1F Grand Slams, Lunch Entrees or a breakfast order of Pancake Puppies with with purchase of a meal.

Free Appetizer at Texas Roadhouse
Go here and sign up to become a Texas Roadie. You will receive a coupon for a free appetizer via email.

Free Chips and Queso at Chili's
Click here and sign up for the Chili's Email Club. You'll receive a welcome gift for Chips and Queso for signing up!

Free Quiznos Sub- They are giving away 1 million and there are well over 300K left.
Click here and sign up for your free sub. Your email with your personalized coupon to print will arrive immediately.

Start Making Choices Kit: Contains coupons and freebies
Click here and sign up.

Join the Juicy Juice Marketing Panel

Go here, fill out the questionnaire and if you qualify- you will receive an email with your login and password. Members can receive samples, coupons and promotional items that you can share with other moms and neighbors.

80% through Saturday

The great 80% off deal on gift certificates at is good through the end of the month.

Use the code: DINE at checkout.
A $25 Gift Certificate is only $2! And you have 1 full year to use them.

We love this program and have found several great restaurants through this service!
Happy dining!

Monday, February 23, 2009

$5 off $20 Tearpad on Vivia Italia Display at Publix

My good friend and blog reader, Sandra reminded me about this tearpad this afternoon!
$5 off $20 and the coupon is good through 3/4.

I think the display is in the front of the store so be on the lookout!

Thanks again Sandra!!

BTW- Do you realize that state budget cuts are threatening our school nurses? Sandra is our school nurse and invaluable to our students. Check with your PTA and find out what you can do to help their drive to make sure our nurses stay put! Okay- off of the soap box!

Product Review: KY Yours+Mine

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry- couldn't resist!
I would never do a review on THAT!

Happy Monday and hope I made you laugh!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Back 110%!

I tried to keep up with the posts and deals while my family took a little break during Winter Break but we had so many fun activities on our retreat that I'm a little behind.
I'm back so check often for the latest and greatest deals coming this week.

I have product reviews to post, a couple of teaching posts to add to the Coupon 101 section plus a couple of other topics I want to add. I also have a special discount to reveal to those living in my area! I'll continue to find the best deals on everything I come across and share with my readers.

Speaking of, thank you to everyone new to the blog! I added a site meter to the site just 1 week ago and I had over 1100 readers this week from all over the country plus Canada, Israel and Switzerland! You have no idea how excited I am to know that people are spreading the word to their family and friends.

More importantly, knowing that I can possibly help just ONE of the readers that logged in this week makes this blog worth it! If you saved $10 or $50 on your shopping this week and I had even the smallest part of it- I know the purpose to Southern Coupon Belle is real and true.

Saving money takes time and baby steps. You may be a reader that has never used a coupon- use one this week and see how it makes a difference. Use 10-20 and see the savings add up. Keep going week after week and you'll be doing the Happy Dance every time you leave the grocery store before you know it!

On another exciting note- I'm on Facebook and added the group- Southern Coupon Belle. In just 5 days- I have 158 members. If you are on FB- search for the group and add yourself plus invite others to join! This is just another arena to post comments, start discussions and share your savings. Remember, you can comment here, email me at and go through the FB group to tell me what you want to learn, need help on and how I can improve the blog.

I booked 2 more speaking engagements in the area while I was gone and it looks like I have at least one more. If you are in the area and want me to speak to your group-email me and we can work out a date and time. I'm not charging a fee at this point- the groups that have honored me the opportunity to speak have been very gracious and sweet on their own. It can be a preschool, a MOPs group, a church or even a girls' group from the neighborhood.

Finally, my referral cards should have arrived while we were gone- I'll know for sure Monday when the mail resumes. If you would like cards- email me your information and I will send you some for your wallet. Several readers requested the idea and want to be able to give the cards to people in the grocery line and even the cashiers that want to know how they just dropped their final total 70+%. I'll send them as a gift for being a loyal reader and your willingness to support the blog and me!

Thanks again for making this so much fun and helping me realize that I'm making a difference!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hot Deals at Publix this week!

Here's what caught my eye at Publix this week. As always, I got my list from so go generate your list and find the items you need to add to your shopping list this week!

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables (not asparagus cuts) Sale Price: $1.00
Coupon in 1/4GM for $1/2 Final Price: .50 each or 70% off

Wishbone Salad Dressing B1G1F Sale Price: $1.35
Coupon in 1/4RP1 for .30/1 Final Price: .75 or 72% off

Rubbermaid Produce Saver Containers 5 cup size B1G1 Sale Price: $2.25
Coupon in 1/4S1 for $1/1 Final Price: $1.25 or 72% off

Huggies Baby Bath Products- bottle or wipes B1G1 Sale Price: $1.65
Coupon in 1/11S for $1/1 Final Price: .65 or 80% off

Kellogg's Raisin Bran 20 oz. size B1G1 Sale Price: $2.00
Coupon in 1/18RP for $2/2 Final Price: $1.25 or 69% off

Ragu Pasta Sauce B1G1 Sale Price: $1.10
Coupon in 1/18RP for .75/2 Final Price: .73 or 67% off

Orville Reddenbacher Popcorn B1G1 Sale Price: $2.45
Coupon in 1/18S for .40/1 Natural flavors Sale Price: $1.65 or 66% off

Progresso Soups Sale Price: $1.25
Coupon in 2/8GM for $1/2 Final Price: .75 or 69% off

Totinos Pizza Rolls, 40 count B1G1 Sale Price: $1.90
Coupon in 2/8GM for .35/1 Final Price: $1.20 or 68% off

Totinos Crispy Crust Pizza Sale Price: $1.25
Coupon in 2/8GM for .35/1 Final Price: .55 or 63% off

Purina One Wholesome Dog Food Sale Price: $1.49
Coupon in 2/8RP for Free up to $1.49 Final Price: FREE or 100% off

Zatarains New Orleans Style Mix B1G1 Sale Price: $1.00
Coupon in 2/8RP for .75/2 Final Price: .63 or 69% off

Crisco 100% Olive Oil B1G1 Sale Price: $3.25
Coupon in 2/8RP for $1/1 Final Price: $2.25 or 65% off

Great deals and it's so easy to make your list, match the coupons using the Coupon Mom system. I highlight each week the deals that catch my attention knowing they are rock bottom in the 12 week sale cycle and time to stock up!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Free Gas from Proctor & Gamble

Go to and find out if your local stores are participating.

Get a $15 gas card when you purchase $45 in P&G products and a $10 gas card when you purchase $35.

Details and a drop down window to check your state are at the website below.

If you are in Georgia and don't have Alco or IGA- don't bother checking.

Couponing on the road

You might be a couponer if...
Every town you drove through, you immediately starting scanning for CVS!


I have a tip. If you are taking a road trip and having trouble finding everything at local CVS and Walgreens stores- take your list and coupons with you. Shopping a store in a tourist area might yield greater results. I did this and we had no problem finding the items we were missing on our lists and couldn't find around the house.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HOT HOT HOT! Coupon for High School Musical 3 to print!

Just saw a commercial where you can print a coupon for High School Musical 3: Senior Year!
HSM3 is being released tomorrow so perfect timing.

Go to
You can print a $10 off Blue Ray or a $5 off DVD.

Click on the one you want, what country you are in and it will direct you to the coupon source and print. The coupon expires on 3/31.

See? It pays to watch reality shows like Real Housewives New York!

This is where you do your research and decide how much out of pocket you want to spend. I have $15.99 in ECBs for CVS and it's on sale at CVS tomorrow for $19.99. I could use the $5 coupon, add a filler for $1 then use my ECB to get it for free after paying sales tax.

I just checked Walmart's site and it's on sale for $15.86. Use the coupon and you can get HSM3 for $10.86.

I'm thinking I'm going to go with the Walmart deal. I could get the DVD for free at CVS but my ECBs are good until 3/19 and I'd rather save those for the deals coming up in the next month.

Just always do your research and look at the bigger picture to maximize your savings in the long run.

Sample of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

Starbucks is launching a new instant coffee.

If you click here you can fill out the form for a free sample. When finished, it says your sample will be mailed in 2 weeks.

I'm working on how to get your click here to open a new window. Until I figure it out- please go get the deals but come right back and keep reading!


Free Breakfast Entree at Mimi's Cafe

Go here and sign up for Mimi's Cafe EClub and you'll get an immediate email that you can print, bring in and get a free breakfast entree valued up to $10.00.

We have 2 Mimi's Cafes here in Atlanta- one at Mall of Georgia and one at Perimeter. We've eaten there several times and they have to have one of the largest varieties that I've seen. Muffins are awesome!

Enjoy your free breakfast!
Offer expires 03/04/09

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rollin' at CVS

We've done really good at CVS this week. Some items are hard to find but we learned today that the truck that stocks the CVS locations around us comes in tonight. Ask that next time you are there and having trouble finding products. It also never hurts to ask if they have an item in the stockrooom.

1 Colgate Total Advantage toothpaste
6 Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners

Using (1) $1/1 coupon, (3) $3/2 coupons and a $10 ECB
Final Price=$1.59
Saved= $31.19
Received $5 ECB

Second Transaction:

3 Suave Men's Body Wash
1 Colgate Total Advantage Toothpaste

Used a $1/1 coupon, a $1/1 coupon and the $5 ECB
Final Price= $1.73
Saved= $10.77
Received $8.99 ECB

Total Out of Pocket: $3.32
Total Saved: $41.96
And I've got an 8.99 ECB to use on the next deal!

Don't worry about your cashier- mine exclaimed I really knew how to shop and I needed to teach him how to do it!

If you want to know the scenarios we come up with week to keep the OOP to a minimum- let me know and I will share!

Elf cosmetics deal

I've never tried but I know people online at other deal sites rave about their make-up.

Items are $1 each and if you choose 10 then your shipping is just $5.
Use coupon code: ECPICKZ

Check the site out~!

70% off 4 days only!

Run quick and snag your $25 Gift Certificates for $3 out at!!!

Use the code: PREZ

Offer ends Thursday!

Happy Dining!!

Great start to get $10 ECB to start rolling CVS

Thanks Kelly for pointing this deal out she got today at CVS!
This week if you buy 2 original Neutrogena transparent bars for $2.99 each + tax, you should receive a $10 ECB!

That's a great amount for an ECB to start rolling CVS. Remember, you can't use an ECB that's greater than your final amount.

If you buy the bars and don't get the ECBs- no big deal. Just tell the cashier that you thought they were part of the ECB deal and would like to return them.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

SMOKING HOT!! Donate money to Metro Atlanta United Way and get Circus Tickets this week!!!!!

Just found this by chance and it's late but I had to post.

If you donate $25 to the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta- you will receive 2!! tickets to the circus this week. Donate $50 and you get 4 tickets!

The value of the tickets is greater than your donation therefore it is not tax deductible. I have tickets so I didn't complete the process with United Way. I have no idea if you get to pick times/dates but I would think you would get to.

Click here to find out more information. I'm going to contact Valerie Hoff at 11Alive right now and maybe she can get more information for us.

The 4 tickets are valued at $88 so they must be higher than Club Level. This is still a great deal if you missed out on the codes and deals I found last month.

I'll post more information as soon as I get it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Deals at Walgreens this week!

Here's what I found for Walgreens this week and how to work the coupons, RRs and rebates to maximize your savings.

Do your RR deal first so you can use it to buy the rest and minimize your out of pocket cost:

Buy 4 Kellogg's cereals Sale Price=4/$10.00
Click here and also here for coupons. Each coupon is $1/1
Receive $3.00 Register Reward
Final Price= $1.25 each

ESC Rebate/FREE/Rock Bottom Deals this week:

Revlon Creme Lip Gloss B1G1 2/$9.99
There is a $2/1 coupon in the 2/8S so use two coupons. Price for 2- $5.99
Submit for rebate for $9.99
After rebate: FREE plus a money maker!

Glade Sense and Spray Sale price=$8.99
Buy 2 and click here for a B1G1 coupon and use $4/1 from the 2/8S
Enter your receipt for the ESC rebate of $3 each with a limit of 4
After rebate: Free plus a money maker

Colgate Toothpaste (4.6oz) Sale price= .99 cents
Coupon for $2/1 in 2/1S

Garnier Vibrant 100% Hair Color B1G1 or 2/$7.49
Coupon for $3/2 in the 11/09RP Use 2
Final Price= .75 each

Air Wick FreshMatic Kit Sale Price=$8.99
Click here and go to Money Saving Coupons at the bottom to get a $4/1
Enter receipt for rebate for $3.00
Final Price= $1.99

Bic Comfort 3 or Soleil Disposable razor 4 count Sale Price= $4.99
There is a coupon for $2/1 in the 1/18S
In the February ESC there is a $1/1 on page 17
Final Price= $1.99

Happy Shopping at Walgreens this week!!

Coupon Contest

Hey! Readership is increasing at a record pace!

To thank everyone for reading and checking me out- I'm going to do a contest.
Email me at and give me the final price I paid for the Soft Scrub on the left and where you are located. Also, if you don't mind telling me- how you found out about SCB!

Monday night, I will have my daughter pick a number and if your email is that number in the order I received entries, I will send you 3 copies of last weeks inserts.

Thanks again for visiting!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Time to start planning for Valentine's Day 2010

Tomorrow is the most romantic day of the year according to the card/candy/flower companies but the next few days and even couple of weeks starting on the 15th is even more exciting for a couponer/money saver!

Why? Valentine's Day stuff goes on CLEARANCE!!

This is my favorite part to any holiday. Stores order too much, the trinkets are the same year after year so why not buy ahead for next year at rock bottom prices? Your kids' Valentine cards don't change too much except who or what movie/character is hot next year but you can get "safe" cards for next to nothing. Certain candy has a very long shelf life like sweet tarts and even some chocolates can be held for over a year.

You know you will need trinkets for your child's classroom next year. And even when your child next year has to have the latest hottest character Valentine's- you paid pennies for them so no loss. I had some from last year and my 2 year old loved playing with them this year.

I don't normally do the chocolate clearances but I have an anti-chocolate household. Sounds weird but my husband is allergic and the girls don't beg for chocolate.

I just keep trolling the stores- I'm in there working the deals and just pay attention to the clearance. If there are things you really want- don't wait to see how far they will mark things down. Most stores start at 50% and will gradually get to 90% off. You have to decide your comfort level and what price items are clearanced to that you are willing to purchase for next year.

It's fun to pack a box of your clearance finds, forget about them the rest of the year and then realize how thrifty you are when Valentine's Day comes back around!

No coupons this weekend

Don't buy multiple papers this Sunday! Due to the holiday, there will be no coupons this weekend.

Great for those who get the 3-day weekend but sad to us couponers.
It's a good week to get coupons organized, go through your inserts and figure out what has expired.

If you have inserts that have expired- find a local group that sends expired coupons to military families overseas.

Have a great weekend! (even with no new coupons! :))

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Great deals at Publix this week!

Here's what I found on CouponMom for Publix this week!

Bantry Bay Mussels, 16 oz package
Sale Price: $2.50 or 50% off
Quaker Baked Bars, Oatmeal to Go Breakfast Muffin Bars or Cookies B1G1
Sale Price: $1.60 Use coupon from 1/4RP .55/1 Final Price: $1.05 or 67% off
Soft Scrub Cleanser or Stain Fighting Gel B1G1
Sale Price: $1.48 Use coupon from 1/4S1 $1/1 Final Price: .48 or 84% off
Shedds Country Crock Mashed Potatoes B1G1
Sale Price: $1.78 Use coupon from 1/18RP $1.25/1 Final Price: .53 or 85% off
Lipton Family Size Tea Bags, 24 count B1G1
Sale Price: $1.33 Use coupon from 1/18RP .60/1 Final Price: .73 or 72% off
Betty Crocker Frosting
Sale Price: .99 Use coupon from 2/8 GM .50/1 Final Price: FREE or 100% off
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix B1G1
Sale Price: $1.34 Use coupon from 2/8 GM .40/1 Final Price: .54 or 80% off

Great deals, under a $10 shop and over 75% savings! Generate your list at CM and rock Publix this week!

Our shop at Walgreens today!

Actually it was Mike's shop but it is awesome!

I talked about Register Rewards. One great thing about RRs that I didn't mention is the deal is not tied to a customer card so you can do these deals as often as you would like and you have coupons to match.

This week, the Gillette Fusion Gamer razor was on sale for $8.99. There was a coupon for $4.00 off in the 2/8 PG insert making this razor's final price $4.99. With our 7% sales tax, Mike paid $5.62 and received a RR for $6.00! He did the deal twice so he walked out with $12.00 in RRs, 2 high end razors and spent $11.24. He "made" .76 cents!

Stopped at the next store on his way home and bought:
Schick Extreme Disposable Razors 4 count on sale for $4.99. He combined the $2 off coupon from the ESC and a $2 off from the 2/8S to take $4.00 off (total legal and allowed by WAGS)
(2) Colgate Whitening Toothpaste Sale 2/$3 Used (2) .75/1 from 2/1S so final price each was .24 after generating a $1 RR for buying 2.
Thermacare heat wrap single trial size neck, shoulder and wrist
Free after rebate. Sale price $2.49
Revlon Creme lip gloss Sale price $9.99 Free after $10 rebate and overage using a $2/1 in the 2/8S insert.

After coupons and using 1 $6RR Final price is $11.15. Saved $15.73 And got a $1RR

Did another transaction:
Revlon Age Defying Spa concealer- Sale price $7.49 Free after rebate and using a $2/1 from 2/8S you earn $2.
Mike bought another item for $3.99
Used the 2nd $6 RR and coupon. Final price was $4.17. Saved $11.00!

So total for the day was:
Out of pocket: $26.56 9 items including the $3.99 item not on the list.
Technically OOP from the list/deals alone= $22.57
Rebate coming back is $19.98 on these transactions.

Two ways to look at the final out of pocket:
If I just received the rebate check: $2.59
If I got the GC with 10% bonus: .59!!!

2 "high end" razors
4 razor pack
2 Colgate Whitening toothpastes
1 Thermacare heat pads
1 Revlon Lip Gloss
1 Revlon Concealer

All for either under $3 or $1!!!! And I have a $1 RR to use on my next purchase!

Fun, easy and lots of technically "free" items.

Walgreens 101

We had a great shop at Walgreens today so I decided it's time to do a post about how to shop at Walgreens.

First some terms to get familiar with:
ESC- Easy Saver Catalog
ESCs can be found in a display as soon as you enter the store. They are small catalogs just a little longer and wider than a dollar bill. They contain the rebates for the month and coupons for various items.
In Ad Coupon- These are coupons included in each week's sale circular. When you use to generate your Walgreens list- she will not only match the manufacturer coupon to the item but also indicate when you need to have an in-ad coupon to get the best price.
RR- Register Rewards
RRs are just like ECBs and they print out after your purchase. CM will let you know when an item will generate a RR. RRs can only be used one at a time for each purchase.
WAGS- A common abbreviation for Walgreens on deal posts.

When you have items that qualify for rebate- it is so easy to collect online with your receipt. Just always keep your receipt and I always come straight home, put the receipt by the computer and enter that night so I don't miss out on a rebate. Not getting the rebate and paying for the item up front won't benefit you at all! Go to and scroll down about halfway of the home page. Click on Easy Saver Rebates. You can view the rebates for the month in Adobe if you click on the left, "Click this month's tally sheet." If you have a receipt you are ready to claim, click on "Claim Rebates." Click on Start/Add Receipt. Now, select the rebates you purchased on this particular receipt and click Continue. All you have to do is enter the Receipt Reference Number which is located at the top of the receipt and called RFN#. When finished, click Save Receipt and you are done! Just keep adding receipts during the month. Super easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete!

You have two options on how you would like to collect your rebates. You can just let the duration of the rebate period run out and they will mail you a check very quickly after the rebate duration. Or you can ask for a Walgreens gift card and get a 10% bonus! You just need to let Walgreens know you want to take that option before the duration period ends. If you already have a gift card then you can give that GC's number online and they will download your amount. You will receive an email that the amount has been added.

One thing to remember is that you can only claim once so don't complete the month until you know you've done all the deals you want to participate in.

The best way to optimize your savings at WAGS is to do small shops, doing any purchase that will generate a RR first. That way you can use the RR to purchase the next items so your out of pocket cost for rebate items is minimal. I've going to post my shop next so I can show you how we did it and everything we got for about $6.00 when we get our rebate back!

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything you want me to elaborate more.
Walgreens is fun and you can get great stuff for next to nothing!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New feature! Email posts to friends.

If you like a post and know someone else that can benefit- there is now an email option at the end of each post.

Simply click on the envelope and enter your friend's email address.
Please feel free to share and help me help others save money!!


Eat Great for Less on Valentine's Day is offering gift certificates for 60% off using the code TREAT.
I just checked and not many have the stipulation that the gift certificates can't be used on holidays.
You can purchase a $25 gift certificate for $4.

Just to be on the safe side- I'd call ahead and make sure it's okay.
We tried a Greek restaurant near the house and it was wonderful. I can't say we would have tried it out if I didn't find it on

As always, meet the stipulations, present the GC when you first order and tip on the original amount if they don't include the gratuity. And if you order right now, you'll receive a FTD $15 reward with each purchase.

Sales ends on Sunday, 2/15

Update- we asked the girls what they wanted to do and they both said, " The Japanese/Sushi Place we go to!" We are going to call ahead and make sure we can use the GC but they are so great and the girls love it so much... it's going to be a great Valentine's Day dinner!"

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Little Couponer!

My oldest got off the bus and was chatting away about her great lunch I made her and how full she was. She then says, "I think X's mom does coupons too because we had the exact same Fruit Roll Up in our lunches today!" Then she goes on to say "Does X's mom know about your blog because if she doesn't, I will tell X all about it tomorrow!"

X's mom is a reader and she knows who she is! She was already doing great at Publix before we started talking about it a few months ago. I just get nervous using a child's name online- I've seen those commercials about how anyone can see what you are posting on the Internet.

We both obviously scored on the Publix Fruit Roll-Up deal last week.

I think this is a cute story but like I've said before- children pay attention. Obviously, they don't understand the financial blessing to couponing but they certainly appreciate the benefits of having a full pantry and lots of choices for lunch, snacks and meals.

When we got home and I asked what the girls wanted for a snack- my oldest went to the pantry and started looking around. She said, "I know we have popcorn but where in the world do I find it? How much food do you have in here???"

Made me laugh and smile but I just had another thought. How crazy is it that I have adult critics very close/related to me but my child who is about to be 6 TOTALLY gets it? I don't care anymore because I feel like a great mom when my child loves all her choices each day for lunch, school snack and after school snack. And I'm saving a ton!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Deals at Rite Aid this week!

SCR= Single Check Rebates which the booklets are located in the front of the store or you can ask an associate. If not- this month's deals are online at Remember- rebates are easy when you enter them online.

Garnier Fructis Ultra Strong Aerosol or Non Aerosol, Strong Aerosol Hairspray or Full Control Mousse

after $2.99 mail in rebate, earn $1 with 2/08 RP coupon

Nivea Lip Care
after $2 mail in rebate and $1 coupon from 2/08 RP

Durex Condoms 12 ct, Play Lubricant 3.38-6.76 oz
after $6 mail in rebate, earn $2 by using 2/08 S coupon

Finesse Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers 7-18 oz
after $1.99 SCR #75 and 2/08 coupon (coupon not in all markets)

Bayer Aspirin 24-36 ct
Final Price= 0.99 when you use the $1 coupon from 2/01 RP
You can buy 3, use (3) $1 coupons from the 2/01 RP and the SCR #43 to get a $10 Rite Aid Gift Card (sounds like free Bayer)

GE Energy Smart Lightbulbs
Final Price= .50 each when you buy 2, Sale price is $ 4.50/2- $1.50/2 (SCR #104) - (2) $1 coupons from 1/04 S1 = $1/2

2! Rite Aid $25 Prescription Transfers in this Sunday's ad

Don't throw away your Rite Aid ad! There are 2 coupons for prescription transfers!!
$25 each!!

Remember you can ask your grocery store pharmacy if they will accept the coupon. Most will do so gladly!

Deals at Walgreens this week!

Revlon Age Defying spa concealer or foundation
FREE after rebate and earn $2 with 2/08 S coupon

Revlon Creme lip gloss
after rebate and earn $2 with 2/08 S coupon

Zucol ColdCare 18 pack lozenges
after rebate and earn $2 with 2/01 S coupon

Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Spa Breeze or Embrace Razor 1 ct
after $6 Register Rewards Coupon at checkout and $4 cpn from 2/08 PG
(coupon shown is for Fusion variety )

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves hair care 6.8 to 13 oz
after rebate and earn $1 with 2/08 RP coupon

Walgreens Multipurpose contact lens solution 4 oz
after rebate

Thermacare heat wrap single trial size neck, shoulder and wrist
after rebate

Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste 4.6 oz
Final Price= 0.24 when you use the 0.75 coupon from 2/01 S

Colgate Wave Toothbrush 1 ct or Toothpaste 6.4 oz
Final Price= 0.25 ea for toothpaste when you buy 2 (get $1.00 Register Rewards Coupon at checkout)
Use (2) 0.75 coupons from 2/01 S for toothpaste or (2) 0.40 coupons from 2/01 S for a toothbrush Final price for toothbrush is 0.60

Schick Disposable Razors 3-10 ct
Final Price= 0.99 when you use the Easy Saver Coupon for $2 and the $2 coupon from 2/08 together

Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes or Cleaner, Shout, Windex or Fantastik 22-32 oz or 28 ct Final Price= 0.50 ea when you use (2) 1/11S coupons for $1 and the Easy Saver Mail In Rebate of $2.00 on 2 (coupon is for Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes)

Halls Cough Drops 25-30 ct
Use the In Ad Coupon and 2/08 S coupon for .50/1 to get Final Price= 0.49

These great deals can be generated into a shopping list at!

Good shop at Kroger today!

I haven't posted about a Kroger shop so here's what we did today. I usually only post the stockpile shops so here's one that is a little more "normal."

4 Ocean Spray Juices .98 after sale price of $1.98 and 1/11RP $1/1 67% off
2 Suave Shampoos Free Sale Price was $1.00 and Kroger sent us a $2/2 !00% off
Fresh Express Salad Mix Manager's Special for $1.45 with .75 cent off produce from Kroger
YoPlait Yo Plus 4 pack Free after sale price of $2.00 1/18S $1/1 and $1.00 off Cellfire
2 Cottonelle TP Free at printables .50/1X2 but .25 overage from upload
Eggo Waffles Free after Kroger Coupon for 1 free
Nature Valley Almond Bars Free after Kroger Coupon for 1 free
Kroger Frozen French Fries $1.58
Kroger Sherbet $2.89
Chicken Breasts $3.45
9 ONE canned dog food Free after 2/8RP for Free up to $1.49
Kroger brand chili sauce .55 after Kroger coupon

25 Items= $16.93 or 68% off!

So yes, I do have more "normal" shops and buy things not on the lists from CouponMom. The more you shop at Kroger, they will send out coupons based on your shopping and things you purchase often. Happy Shopping/Couponing this week!

Q&A: Using Multiple Coupons on one purchase

Q: If I have three $.30 coupons for Pringles chips that state "$.30 off 3 cans", am I allowed to use all three on the one purchase? Or, can I only use multiple coupons on identical products that are BOGO?

Yes, you can use all 3 coupons on one purchase but you would be buying 9 cans. One coupon per 3 cans. The coupons would take .20 off per can. .30/3 would double (if you store doubles) and then it would be .60/3.

You can also use multiples on BOGO items. You can legally use 2 coupons on 2 items.
I've mentioned before but if CVS has a BOGOF and you had a BOGOF coupon then both of those items are FREE! This usually occurs with makeup.

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask any questions- it helps everyone reading!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You might be a couponer... A Fun Weekend Post

I get so excited when I hear about others getting excited about saving money.
So, I'm in a great mood and thought a funny post was in order.

You might be a couponer if...

1. You squeeze every drop of toothpaste out of the tube even though it was free and there are 12 tubes in your stockpile.

2. The shampoo bottle is upside down like #1 when you have several brand new bottles in the bathroom.

3. You about wet your pants when you get free toilet paper at Kroger. (Thanks Katrina and Jerry for this one!) :)

4. You are the highest contributor of Box Tops in your child's classroom.

5. You walk through your bathroom constantly hearing the mist from a Lysol NeutraAir going off. And you don't like the smell but hey...It was free!

6. Your neighbors call and ask for BBQ sauce.

7. Your kids ask if they will be taking J&J Buddy Soap Bars to college.

8. You sneak out at night to steal your neighbors' Buyers Edge that has extra inserts. (I take the ones that fall in the street- my neighbors email and ask when I'm going to get it out of their driveway!)

9. You stay up Saturday night and you are logging on to at 12:01 am.

10. You try to keep a "cool" face when the total drops 80% when you really want to do a Happy Dance!

11. You blame your wife when people look at you when you buy 10 boxes of Kotex.

12. You smile when someone behind you in line mutters "She's one of THOSE people."

13. After #12- you are no longer startled when someone yells at you in the parking lot and exclaims "How did you just do that?"

14. Your stomach hurts when your total is $36 and the cashier thinks you did great!

15. You laugh when the guy behind you at Walmart yells to the cashier to call security because you are "stealing" from Walmart. I believe it's the other way around at Walmart!

16. Your heart smiles when your child ask if you will buy a product on TV "when you have a coupon for it Mommy!"

17. You aren't afraid to buy the KY Jelly Yours+Mine because you really want the $10 ECB that comes on your receipt!

18. Your 2 year old shows you her purse and the post it notes inside and claims they are coupons.

We are sitting here laughing as I write this. Most are true stories and I'm not as crazy as I sound. I did finally turn the Lysol thingy off and I don't steal inserts- the neighbors think my house is a grocery store and know who to call when they run out of something!

I was trying to be funny but I just had another thought. Doing this is fun and serving so many purposes at the same time. I love Mike that he gets into this and we have fun as a couple working the deals. And yes- we've run into our fair share of critics. Mike was asked today if he ever gets embarrassed having a strange shopping cart full of groceries. My answer? We are the only ones responsible for our family, home and household. Did I maybe waste a couple of minutes of time from the guy in line behind me? Sure! But if times got tough- could I ask this guy to pay my bills?

What do I do with ALL THIS STUFF???

If you've been reading and working the deals each week- you are probably noticing that your stockpile is starting to take over! It's important to stay organized so you know what you have, how much and what you need to purchase next.

Here are a couple of tips to keep your pantry, bathroom, linen closets etc. neat!

1. How high is the ceiling in your pantry? I have a closet pantry with a 9 foot ceiling. Plenty of room to add an extra shelf or two. Mike added an extra shelf and I bought wire "risers" to set in the floor of the pantry. I keep extras of cake mixes, brownie mixes and other items on the top shelf with a couple within reach. I keep cleaners, paper towels and things like juice on the risers on the floor. Don't put anything edible directly on the floor. You could also put a lower shelf in.

2. Pay attention to expiration dates. Almost everything today has a long shelf life but when you buy in quantities- take a second to see when something is expiring. I noticed one time that a product I just bought was expiring in a couple of days. I took it back to Publix and they immediately sent someone to go through and pull the items with the same expiration date. Same thing in the frig- keep yogurts and other items with the closest expiration in the front.

3. Get creative- there's a lot of wasted space under the sinks in your bathrooms. The girls have 1 cabinet that I could easily combine the towels under one sink and use that space for health and beauty items. I have an armoire in the bathroom which gives me tons of space in the top area for shampoos, deodorants etc. and then 4 drawers to store razors, soap, makeup etc.

4. I don't recommend storing food items like the cake mixes in basements or garages. Critters can easily get into anything packaged in cardboard and even pouches. If you need to utilize that space- store these types of items in rubbermaid bins.

5. You have to get in the mindset that you will be constantly re-organizing when you bring home each week bags and bags of groceries in. But, if you keep your pantry and other storage areas neat- it's a quick and easy process.

6. I've read that some people keep H&B items in bins under beds.

Get creative and I guarantee you can find space. The irony?? You'll be organizing your home even more than you might think it already is!

Toy Clearance at Walmart

It's a great time at Walmart to stock up on birthday presents! We were in the Windward Walmart last night and they had 2 1/2 rows of toys on clearance. I was amazed at how many of the "HOT" toys from Christmas that were marked down.

My oldest has a birthday in March and one thing I've done the past couple of years is check Walmart about this time and see if some of the presents she wanted for Christmas but didn't get are marked down. Last year, we got 2 huge Hannah Montana sets for less than 1/2 of what they were in December!

We had a birthday party to go to today for a classmate that is into Hot Wheels. We got a Hot Wheels alarm clock for $9.00! PERFECT

I know the selections and quantities will vary from store to store but it might be worth a quick trip to see what you find!

Is it even possible to do a "quick trip" at Walmart? :)

Deals at CVS 2/8-2/14

Slow week at CVS but there are a handful worth mentioning!


Buy 1 Gillette Fusion Gamer, Venus Embrace, or Spa Breeze razor (1 ct.) at $7.99, Get $4 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $4/1 Fusion Razor coupon from 02/08 P&G insert
Free after coupon and ECBs

Buy 1 Garnier Nutrisse or 100% Color Hair Color at $5.99, Get $2 ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $2/1 coupon from the 12/07 RP insert
$0.99 after coupon and ECBs


Colgate Toothpaste--on sale B1G1 (2 for $1.99)
Buy 2 and use 2 $1/1 from the 2/1S insert
Free after B1G1 sale and coupons

Keebler or Nabisco (select varieties 4-5.25 oz.)--on sale 5 for $5
Buy 2 and use $2/2 Ritz,Wheat Thins or Triscuits from the 1/25S insert
Free after coupons

Click here to see the ECB deals for February!

SCORE!! 89% Savings at Publix today

Had a great shop today at Publix. Crazy number of items- 39! for $8.86 with a mile long receipt.

If you are new to reading- my shops are different. I'm taking advantage of the 12 week sales cycle and stocking up on items when they are on sale. Because I have an established stockpile- I am doing what is called cherry picking- only shopping for the items at their rock bottom price and stocking up until they come back around on the sale cycle.

Second, there are some "convenience" box items in this shop. These are used sparingly in our house. There are also fruit snacks. I've posted before that I have 2 little girls that ask for brussel sprouts so giving them fruit snacks as an occasional treat is fine with me. Most of our dinners are made from scratch, include a salad, fresh or steamer vegetables and a side. Mike likes the Knorr sides bought today for his lunches. He takes leftovers everyday and they build up our dinners so he has plenty. My great eaters also eat like linebackers! :)

Third, I've already done my weekly shop for the week for salad, meat, milk, bread and fruit.

In this shop, we got:
11 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and Fruit Roll Ups
4 Knorr Sides
4 Uncle Ben Wild Rice
1 Del Monte Diced Tomatoes No Salt Added
2 Land O Lakes Margarine
1 Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing
16 Pillsbury Reduced Sugar Cake Mixes

39 items for $8.86 or 89% off!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Check out your local Park and Recreation Department for kid's extra-curricular activities

Do a Google search and find your local Park and Rec's website. They have great activities and sports programs for kids- adults too! They are reasonably priced and some are much more cheaper than gyms and dance studios. They have classes for toddler and preschoolers. I think this is a great way to introduce your children to an activity or sport to see if there is true interest.

For example, my daughter takes tennis through our P&R. Four 30 minute lessons are $25! They are indoor, equipment is included and the lessons are conducted by a big tennis coach in the community. She can take until she's 7 and the class age starts at 3. I think by age 7, we will see what her interest level and skill level is and decide to pursue further.

Check out the programs available in your area!

Might want to check out Office Depot

Don't go running because I can't verify they will have them but people are reporting huge clearance sections at Office Depot and Staples. Someone got Crayola Color Wonders kits for $2.32! That would be a great birthday present to stockpile for all those parties your kids get invited to!

Wii Game under $10 at

Go here and you can get the Samba de Amigo Wii game for $9.98 and it qualifies for Free Super Saver shipping if you spend over $25.

Hurry- prices like this go quick!

Good Deals At Publix this Week!

Used CouponMom to generate my lists this week and this is what caught my eye!

Toufayan Pita Bread 12 oz package B1G1F
Sale price .65 off or 50% off

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, 16 oz. B1G1F
Sale price $1.82 or 50% off

Pillsbury Cake Mix B1G1F
Sale price .85 Coupon in 1/11RP for .40/1 Final Price: .05 or 97%
The coupon is for the Reduced Sugar mix so check if this is on sale.

Uncle Bens Country Inn Rice B1G1F
Sale price is .75 Coupon in 1/11RP for .50/2 Final Price: .25 or 83%

Crest Toothpaste assorted varieties 8.2oz
Sale price is $2.00 Coupon in 1/18PG for $1.50/1 Final Price: .50 or 83%
Some packages have bonus toothpaste or floss on them!

Knorr Sides 4-6.4 oz (not Veggies style) B1G1F
Sale price is $.75 Coupon in 1/18RP for .30/2 or .60/2 Final Price: .45 or 70%

Land O Lakes Spread, 2 count 7.5oz tubs, 15 oz tub or Soft Margarine B1G1F
Sale price is .90 Coupon in 1/25S for .50/1 Final Price: FREE or 100%

Pillsbury Rolls or Biscuits
Sale price is $1.00 Coupon in 1/25S for .35/1 Final Price: .30 or 77%

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks B1G1F
Sale price is $1.30 Coupon in 2/1S for .50/1 Final Price: .30 or 88%

11 items for a total price: $4.92 Total % Off: 76%

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New way to reach me!

I've had several people make some great suggestions the past couple of days.

First, cards to pass out when people ask how readers are getting great deals in the stores.
I ordered them today so I'll let those that are interested in having some to pass out when they arrive.

Second, a new way to reach me. Very few comment but I get tons of emails. I've created a new account to keep separate and it's pretty easy to remember.

Feel free to email and ask questions!

Thanks for the wonderful support and ideas to help improving the blog.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

75 FREE Prints from Kodak Gallery for new members

Go here and register if you are new to the Kodak Gallery. You'll receive 75 free prints for registering! Offer is good through 02/13/09.


Betty Crocker Online Coupons

Go here and register to have access to over $15 in printable coupons.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Toilet Paper!

Did you know you don't ever have to pay for toilet paper?

Click here and a 4 pack roll of Cottonelle TP at Kroger (or your affiliate) is .99 cents. You can print 2 coupons from one computer and the coupon is for .50 cents which will double to a $1.00.

If you have multiple computers to print from- you can stock up. The coupons in the inserts have changed that you now have to buy 2 which is still cheap but you definitely want to take advantage of the ones that make TP free!

I've talked about the download coupons you can save to your Kroger Plus Card. Read about this here. There is always another .50 cent out there for Cottonelle.

Who doesn't want FREE TOILET PAPER??? And there is a box top if you have a child in school.

A quick easy roll of ECBs at CVS this week

Here's a quick deal to do at CVS and get some great products for free or almost free this week.

Buy 2 Loreal Revitalift Cream Cleanser or Towelettes at $5.99 each. This will generate a $10 Extra Care Bucks making them .99 cents each. In the 1/4 RP inserts is a coupon for $2.00/1. If you have 2 coupons, then that's $4 off. You will pay about $8 + tax out of pocket but generate a $10 ECB.

Now, you've made $2, gotten 2 great products for free and now have $10 in ECBs.

Now do the Yours+Mine deal, use the coupon for $5 off from 2/1 RP inserts and the price is $14.99. Use your $10 ECB and you get this $20+ product for $4.99 plus tax.

And you get $10.00 ECB back so the product is free and you've got another ECB to use on the next deal! You are spending a total of about $14 or so out of pocket if you don't have previous ECBs to roll but you re-couped $10 back and gotten 3 expensive products for almost free!!

Surefire way to get your SO OB with couponing! :)

SO= Significant Other OB= On Board!
Okay, Southern Couponbelle is blushing as she types but got a CVS ECB deal for you just in time for Valentine's! Actually, I'm laughing and I told you before that there is a deal on just about everything!!

KY Jelly Yours+Mine is on sale this week for $19.99. There is a coupon in the 2/1 RP for $5.00 off. This will generate a $10 ECB giving it a final price of $4.99! And if you have ECBs to roll then you can get this product for free, close to it and have another $10 ECBs back.

Remember, if you don't have ECBs to use then the final out of pocket price is $14.99. But you get the $10 back to spend on something else or the next deal.

Just another way to add fun to already free entertainment! And it's all in the name of saving money!! HAHAHA I bet if you brought this home, told your significant other how much it cost you, they may start paying attention to this couponing thing!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

$10 Shop at Kroger- 60% off!

Good shop today and got 13 items!

4 Kroger Dressings
2 Cheerios
1 package of chicken wings
2 Hillshire Farms lunch meat
4 Manwich sloppy joe sauce

Total: $10.08 or 60%