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I've searched other blogs and sites but I can't find someone else in my shoes so hopefully reading how I started over can help you! Whether you are a seasoned couponer in a new area OR a beginner- I know I can help walk you through what to do and help you start saving big! Starting over has made me realize how newbies to coupons feel and made me walk a grocery store aisle or two in a beginner's shoes again! Email me at and let me know how I can help! Thanks for reading and taking this journey with me!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Living Smart 101: Make and Take Notes!

Whether or not you've ever had any project management experience- I treat holidays and big events like I am one. I make my proposal (and this can be on paper, saved on the computer or in my head), do my "flow chart" run through (if this happens then this will happen or won't happen or someone will want this etc.) and then execute. And I've found being on Facebook that a lot of people think like I do. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I have friends that actually have Excel spreadsheets for Christmas like me. I've been making them since the mid-1990s. Keeps track of spending, what I give people and my savings.

One thing I have recently started doing is a follow up report. What is that? A quick Word document or notes in a notebook that summarize the event/holiday or "I've hidden this here" or "Next year I need this before I begin." This way when I start to plan another Birthday party or a dinner party and it's been awhile since the last one- I can read real quick and remember that dessert wasn't the success I thought it was or the kids LOVED the snow cones vs. birthday cake. Some notes are obvious but others like "the red carpet for the movie party kept blowing in the wind and the kids would trip" seems like it would be memorable but a year goes by, you get rushed and you might not remember until it happens again.

I'm getting older, my girls are getting busier, our lives are getting crazier and I'm not as sharp on the details as I used to be. Making a quick little report of what went well, what didn't work and what you need to do/add/get/change next year will take away a little stress, eliminate repeats and make you much more organized. And by having notes on what you need- you can check often and take advantage of deals because they are fresh on your mind!

And I promise- that last section where you note that you thought it would be a genius idea to put this particular thing "here" then and now can't remember "where??"- you will appreciate these little follow up notes. And I keep these notes just not for my house but for events for PTA and church. So that next year- I can help plan and remind others about those little bumps in the road that we experienced or what really stood out as a hit but forgot in a year passing. Sale- 80% off + $10 Credit

Code: CHEER and your $10 credit will show via email shortly. Expires 12/31.

Happy New Years and here's to good eating in 2010!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Living Smart 101: Good idea for Birthday presents

Hope everyone had a great Christmas/Holidays!!

I know we are just barely off the Big Day but when you are frugal- you go from one holiday mode to another. My new mode because of Christmas is birthday presents. Why? Because Walmart marks down all their bath/body/hair/lip gloss etc. kits to next to nothing!! And there are kid sets in all the hot themes like Disney, Bakugan, Hannah etc. There were also some food kits like a Smuckers ice cream kit with bowls and toppings for less than $10.00. I was able to make some bundles for presents and then I got some design your own lip glosses for $1.50 that I will tie in with a gift card or something else.

Cool idea that's cheap and my gift closet is stocked for fun events in 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Checkin' that list twice!

My tip to you at what is closely approaching as the 11th hour before Christmas- do a battery checklist! Don't have to pull everything out- just go online to Amazon or a big store and find out what batteries you need for all of your gifts for the little ones.

Also keep in mind that things like digital frames and DSLites need to be charged.

Sunday, December 20, 2009 80% off Great Last Minute Gifts!

I sing their praises and if you need a last minute gift or just want to save money after the holidays eating out when everyone is really watching their budgets.

Code is SANTA and you can get a $25 gift certificate for $2.
Print it, give it and I would suggest printing out the menu from the website if you can and people will love the chance to try a new restaurant and save money!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Deals at CVS this week!

Here's what I liked at CVS this week:

Makeup deals:

Revlon Moon Drop or Super Lustrious Lipstick
Sale price: $6.99 Earn $5 ECBs Limit 3
There's a $2/1 in the 12/13SS
Final Price: FREE after coupons and ECB

Covergirl Clean Powder or Liquid Makeup
Sale Price: $5.00 Earn $2 ECBs Limit 1
There's a $1/1 in the 11/29PG
Final Price: $2.00 after coupons adn ECB


Crest or Oral B Pro Health Toothpaste or Rinse, Oral-B Floss or Superfloss
Sale price: $2.88 Earn $2 ECBs Limit 1
There's a .75/1 in 11/29PG
Final Price: .13 after coupons and ECBs

Listerine Mouthwash or Pocket Packs
Sale price: $3.99 Earn $3 ECBS Limit 1
$1/1 12/6 RP
Final Price: FREE after coupon and ECBs

Oral B Single Toothbrush
Sale Price: $2.99 Earn $2 ECB Limit 1
Final Price: $.99 after ECB

Schick Quattro Razors, 4 count cartridges, Intuition Plus or IP 3 count cartridges
Sale Price: $8.99 Earn $3 ECBs Limit 1
$2/1 11/22 SS
Final Price: $3.99 after coupon and ECBs

Nivea Body Wash
Sale Price: $5.99 Earn $5 ECBs Limit 1
Print coupon $2/1
Final Price: FREE +++ after Coupons and ECBs


Glade Products
Spend $12 and receive $4 ECBs Limit 1
Sale Prices: Some sprays are $6 and Candles/Holders/Refills are 2/$6

Here's an idea:
Check your current magazines- Woman's Day, BBG etc. for coupons $4/1
Hopefully you can find 2 coupons
Buy 2 Sense and Spray=$12
Minus coupons= $4
After coupons and ECBs= FREE

Another idea:
Buy 2 Glade Holders and 2 Refills= $12.00
Coupon in 12/6 SS for free refills when you buy a holder= $6.00
Final Price: $2.00 for all four after coupons and ECBs

Food, Candy, Etc:

Russel Stover Chocolate
Sale Price: $4.99 Earn $1 ECBs Limit 1
$1/1 12/13 SS
Final Price: $2.99 after coupons and ECBs


Alteril Sleep Aid- 4 count
Sale Price: $1.99 Earn $1.99 ECBs
Final Price: FREE

ThermaCare Neck to Arm Wrap (1)
Sale Price: $2.49 Earn $2.49 ECBs Limit 5
Final Price: FREE

Copy, Paste and Print Out then work out how to roll and save as little out of pocket as possible. I'll get Mike to do and I'll post our gameplan.

Product Review: I am OBSESSED with this Product!

I am in love again and this time- it's a facial bar. It's from and it's the Dead Sea Mud Facial Bar and Mask. It's like having a spa in your bathroom! I use the bar everyday and the mask is awesome! It feels like you just had a facial and my skin looks great since I've been using it daily. And the bar last forever!!

I can't wait to try some of the other bars, the all natural bug repellent, the candles- I don't know what I'll order next! The website is fun and offers a lot!

Plain Jane Skin Care is offering my readers a 15% discount on your order with the coupon code TRACI. Go check it out- I think you will love this website as much as I do!!

A little Kohl's secret at the register...

If you are checking out at Kohl's- ask if you can fill out the email form to get deals and sales information from Kohl's. The associates will let you because they keep track of how many emails the associates get to be entered in the system.

In about a week or so- you will get an email to print for $5 off anything.

I've kicked serious butt with just paying attention to emails and mailers for $/$ coupons, cards and emails.

Our cashier didn't push it on us tonight and I had to ask but I was already using one $5 on the gift I got tonight and both Mike and I used alternate emails to get 2 more.

FREE $$+awesome deals+clearance+a little time- you are rockin' it at Kohl's and other stores.
Happy Shopping!

Living Smart 101: Don't become your worst enemy!

This is the most dangerous time of Christmas. You've got your game plan together and planned for Christmas and the presents are bought and wrapped. You've saved money by checking out the sales ads, using coupons and price comparison. What you don't realize is that your worst Christmas enemy right now is YOU!

How? That tiny little voice in your head that keeps saying, "Have you done enough?" "Will so and so think you spent the right amount, will the kids be happy, will they be upset they didn't get this, that and the other?" And then there are all the enticing emails coming hourly with new deals, coupons or codes for $ off etc.

Bottom Line- if you done- YOU ARE DONE! Don't second guess yourself and most of all- realize how much you can save after Christmas when the sales really kick in.

I'll discuss more but don't get suckered into the week after Christmas sales. Make sure you know your prices and it has to be a FAB deal. The real deals will be in January when the reality of Christmas sets in from bank statements and credit card bills. That's when the retailers will be begging you to spend money with them.

I have more to post but if this is the last post you read before Christmas- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays- whatever you celebrate- may your end of 2009 be wonderful, stress free, filled with true joy and everyone stay safe and warm. I appreciate every kind email and we are gonna kick it in HIGH GEAR in 2010. Next year is going to be FRUGAL ON FIRE at Southern Coupon Belle. Join me and let's save money, pay off debt if you are in it and live happy and worry free! My motto is "No Debt I'm In in 2010!"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

40% off at Timberland's website!

Use code: FFDEC9
Timberland's Friends and Family Discount for December 3rd through 7th.

Good on regular, sale and outlet items.

Free Personalized Christmas Calls from Kroger

If you are a Kroger customer and can register on their website- free personalized calls from Santa, Sammy the Snowman or Tony Stewart.

You can plan on 10 calls per number- read the Terms of Use but how cute!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New change at Michael's with the 40% coupon

Did anyone else notice this? I did and still sent Mike in hunt for "traditional" clothes pins for our reindeer project in Madi's class.

The 40% coupon now must be used on $5 total purchase after coupon. Kinda changes things if you like to take advantage of this coupon on smaller purchase.

Just a heads up to check the fine print on your Michael's coupon.

The Deals are Here- Put on your Poker Face

In other words- when to hold them and when to fold them.

The deals are going to be smoking mad the next 24 days. I'm almost giddy with excitement.
Why? Because this is where the game gets fun and you play the system. But to play- here are some ground rules.

1. Don't gamble on that perfect or must have gift.
Get it at what you think is a good price. Create a file for receipts, resist the urge to go all Martha Stewart and wrap. Then watch that item each week with all the ongoing sales. If you find cheaper at another store, buy the new one 1st then return the original. (don't do in the other direction in case you can't find it) If it's at the same store, take the item, the sale ad or promotion, the receipt and get them to price adjust. My point here is to not risk something that is really important that you want to watch someone open or see under the tree on Christmas morning. I'd rather have one on hand then risk and fall short. If I can save more money- great.
2. I will say it again- do not remove tags, save receipts and do not wrap. Trust me- this is hard and I'm resisting the urge big time but if I can save a buck or two on each gift with a little effort- I can wrap last minute. Saving money to me this year is the ultimate goal versus posting/bragging on Facebook or Twitter that "I'm done with my wrapping." I'd rather have a few bucks in my wallet than a few "likes" in my status. LOL
3. Pay super close attention to the ads, the mailers and the emails. I have a gift in mind for a relative and was all set to go out Monday and grab to mark it off my list. Then I read the fine print on a promotion and realized it wasn't good until the 3rd. Then I started really paying attention and the toy I wanted to buy was 40% until today, 50% off until the 3rd and then 60% off for the weekend. Take advantage of the 60% plus an additional 15% and then a free $10 off anything card and you are talking a huge saving by buying on Thursday onwards versus this past Monday.

Just do research, pay attention to everything you are getting media wise and be willing to do some matching/returning to maximize the savings. Your wallet, your sanity, your stress level and your forecast for 2010 will thank you when the next crazy 31 days are over and life goes back to what some call "normal." For many it becomes- "Oh No- What Have I Done and How Will I Pay For It At 23% APR?"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home Depot- Trade in old Christmas lights

For a $3 coupon off LED lights. Your old strands of lights can be working or not. Valid through 11/15/09. 80% off

Code: Entree


Free Ship Code at LNT with $25 purchase

Through 11/17 use the code FreeShip to celebrate Veteran's Day with a minimum $25 purchase.

Don't forget to check for other codes to see if they will stack.

Gap Give and Get 30% off with 5% back this weekend

You're Invited... For 4 days, enjoy 30% off while we give 5% of the amount you spend to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So in a time when our communities need it most, your shopping counts for more.
Includes Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Banana R Factory Store and Old Navy.
Valid: Nov. 12-15


HOT Just over $5 for 7 Hasbro Preschool Classic Games

Toys R Us has Hasbro Games for $3.99 each. If you spend $25 then you get a $10 gift card to TRU. The games are the preschool classics like Candy Land, Memory, Chutes & Ladders etc.

Then you go print your Hasbro Rebate for $2 each game here. 7 games will cost you less than $6.

Avon Deals and Free Shipping

If you have Avon fanatics on your Christmas list- go to their website, type in Clearance in the Search window and maybe you can find some great deals for gifts.

Make the deal sweeter- use code SORRY914 for Free Shipping if you spend at least $5.00.

The monthly deals at Chick Fil A 2010 Calendars

If you buy a $20 Gift Card, you get a free calendar.
Here's the month to month low down on what's free:

Jan - FREE Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuit or FREE small bowl of Hearty Breast of Chicken Soup.
Feb - FREE Large Sprite
Mar - FREE Chicken Strips (3-count)
Apr - FREE Lemonade
May - FREE Small Hand-Spun Milkshake
June - FREE Dasani Bottled Water + FREE small fruit cup
July - FREE Chick-Fil-A Chicken Salad Sandwich
Aug - FREE Large Coca-Cola Zero
Sept - FREE Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich
Oct - FREE Large Coca-Cola
Nov - FREE Large Diet Coke
Dec - FREE Chick-n-Minis (3-count) or FREE large Waffle Fries

Okay- I love CFA and I even recruited for a company that partnered with them and I have to
say... I think these deals STINK! Where's free combo meal? The free salad or newest item that CFA is promoting? Just seems like a lot of drinks which I hope you know that you can get whatever you want when they are specific in a month. I think getting freebies with a purchase of a gift card is great but the deals have diminished this year.

HOT!! Pre-order DVDs $10 with FREE shipping! PLUS BONUS

Get the latest and greatest new releases by pre-ordering at Amazon, Walmart or Target. They are in a price war again. $10, free shipping and all you have to do is pick which retailer you want to use. Go to their websites for more information.

Here's where the deal gets sweeter. Sears has gotten in on this. If you email (you'll get instructions and address) your email address confirmation for the DVD, you will get a $10/$45 code to use at Sears. Go to the main Sears site, watch the Holiday ads and I think the second one explains what they are willing to do.

I think it's going to be a very interesting Holiday Season- I think the hardest thing we will have to work around is what is the best deal and when to buy. Of course- I did the Wii deals last week and if I can make them sweeter- I'll take back what I bought last week.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My favorite part of the Holiday Season

Drumroll please....


Companies are so funny and I'm laughing this year because companies actually used to serve legal action against anyone releasing a Black Friday ad early. Now they are releasing their ads early and even having sales to mimic Black Friday early like Sears.

My favorite site is Black Friday Ads.

Another great deal is the 2 day sales at Toys R Us right now. TRU is in total competition with Walmart and after reviewing their prices- I think they are going to fight hard this Holiday Season.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

FREE $40 GC to 1-800 Flowers

I'm doing this now so we'll see how it plays out.
If it does- what a great deal- a free $40 GC to 1-800 Flowers.
My grandmother's birthday is the end of this month so that would be perfect or Christmas would work since she's in the nursing home part of her retirement village and can't get a lot of stuff due to space or food since she's so closely monitored.

Sign up, then add at least 10 email reminders and you will get a $40 Gift Rewards Pass in the next couple of weeks.

I'm all for the free or cheap this Holiday Season so visit the blog everyday and I will share everything I am finding.

Living Smart 101: Free or Close to It Room "Makeovers"

Do you ever get in the mood to re-decorate but don't want to spend a lot of money?
Every so often, I'll change things around a bit without spending a ton of money.
Here are some hints on how to get the most bang for as little buck as possible.

1. Switch your lamps around. If you have matching lamps in the bedroom, den, office etc.- consider switching them around for a fresh, new look in each room.
2. Update your photos in frames around the house. With great prices at the warehouse clubs and the deals at the drugstores all the time- take a second to inventory your frames around the house and what size pictures you need then update with more current pictures. You'd be surprised how old some of the pictures are once you start paying attention.
3. Increase the "green" in your house. Take clippings from your house plants, set in water to root and then increase your plants around the house.
4. Move things from room to room like the lamps. Gather your decor items and find new homes for them.
5. Consider a swap or borrow with a friend or neighbor if you are tired of your decor and want a new fresh change. Chances are- your friend feels the same way and you both win.
6. Garage sales are your friend so hit the high end neighborhoods first and on Friday. Great way to get cool items for pennies on the dollar.
7. Super clean- there's the saying that "People get comfortable in their own dirt." Take a good look around- Are their cobwebs in the corners? Do frames on the wall need the glass cleaned and dusted? Baseboards need a good cleaning? Sometimes just going into a more detailed clean will freshen up a room more than you can imagine.
8. Use what you have! Sometimes we are all afraid to light a candle, use the good linens and overall enjoy our finer items. Why is that? What are we waiting for? Life is short, your home is yours to enjoy 99% of the time so enjoy it!

Just look around and I guarantee you can come up with free or cheap ways to "reinvent" your home and give it a fresh look. And by the way... it's fun doing it!

HOT deals at Publix this week!

I'm going to write more in a bit but start paying attention to baking items and things you will need to prepare for the Holiday Season. They will go on sale this week or next but once we get into the full swing of the 2009 Holiday Season- you won't find good deals.

Here's what I liked at Publix starting today and going through next Wednesday:

Whole Fruit Sorbet BOGO (so yummy!)
No coupon Final Price $1.45 or 50% off
Betty Crocker Potatoes BOGO
Coupon: 10/4gm or 9/13GM has .25 coupon Sale Price: .85 Final Price: .35 or 78% off
Energizer MAX Batteries
Coupon: 10/4S Sale Price: $2.99 Final Price: $1.99 or 43% off
Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough
Coupon: 10/11S Sale Price: $1.45 Final Price: .45 or 84% off
Nestle Coffeemate Creamer BOGO
Coupon: 11/1RP Sale Price: $1.10 Final Price: .10 or 95% off
Nestle Toll House Morsels BOGO
Coupon: 11/1RP Sale Price: $1.25 Final Price: .25 or 90% off
Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough
Coupon: 11/1RP Sale Price: $1.45 Final Price: .45 or 84% off

If I bought all these deals- I would spend $5.04 and save 72%
I can usually find a better deal on batteries but if these are the MAX- wouldn't hurt to have some around for those high tech gifts from Santa.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Living Smart 101: Halloween Costumes- I'm not popular in my house!

Okay- it's that time again. Every time you hit any store, the kids want to see the costumes and tell you what they want to be for Halloween. This is the first year that I have 2 kids with 2 opinions about what they want to be. Mackenzie is now 3 so technically 13 in her mind and there is no way any suggestion I have for a costume will work like it has the last 3 Halloweens.

Madison is also getting smarter about costumes but I've decided to put my foot down.

Why? First of all, I'm not the Party Pooper of Halloween but I cannot and will not justify spending $40 at Walmart on 2 costumes that are flimsy and unwearable beyond that night or playing dress up on the characters my girls want to be. Madi wants to be Alex from Waverly Place and Mac wants to be Hannah. Hello? These are just 2 characters dressed like they normally do everyday to go to school! True- in high fashion style but we can re-create that for much less than the cost of these costumes.

How? My first thought is Goodwill. We have a wonderful one near us and in an affluent area so we have found great deals. I studied the costumes available at Walmart at $20 a pop and think we can recreate the look for less and be able to wear the clothes again. The Alex costume has a funky top, a scarf and purple leggings. I can find a funky top or dress then get purple leggings at Walmart and I'm sure come in much less than $20 and she can wear the clothes again. If Goodwill doesn't work, we can raid my closet- a top would make a cute dress on Madi, we can check Ross for me or her or slightly bigger for her- my point is we can get creative, have fun in the process and come up with an alternative that she likes, I like the price and will be used again.

If you need to save money this year or you just can't justify the expense of costumes- get creative and everyone wins in the end. I really don't think kids care what they have on once they start running house to house ringing doorbells and getting candy. In our area, they can't wear costumes to school so it's really just that hour or two running around.

Everyone can be happy- as a parent... be strong and reasonable. You know I'm right... in the end it's all about the candy and running around with friends. No child needs a $40 costume to have fun that night. And it's been my history that buying a costume now that Madi had to have and spent the money- she had changed her mind 50 times over by Halloween.

My point- get creative. This certainly doesn't work if your child wants to be a Storm Trooper but if it's an "everyday" character like my girls want- I think we can do better and find more use than just one night. Plus- I know here in Georgia- we never know if it's going to be 80 or freezing. Why spend all that money on costumes that you might end up putting a coat over?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wonderful Photographer and a Great Contest just in time for the Holidays!

This is a very talented and wonderful photographer in the Greater Atlanta area who just happens to be a good friend of mine and I've known for a very long time. Go check out his work and you will see that I am not being biased at all!

Beckham Photography is offering a great contest through their Facebook page. Click here to get all the details and be sure to add Beckham Photography through your Facebook. Grand Prize is a free session and a 16X20 print plus 3 Runner Ups get a $50 Gift Certificate! All the fine details are listed and there are 4 ways to enter between now and October 24th!

Even if you aren't on Facebook but would like to book for a session, Beckham Photography is offering my readers a 15% discount/coupon on their entire order (sessions and prints). Just make sure (and this is very important) that you mention my blog when you schedule your session.

What a great gift for Christmas! Perfect contest, great discount just in time for the Holiday Season.

Note: Greater Atlanta area only.

Do you use Big Sexy Hair Products?

If so- there is a great deal at Ultra this week!

The pink cans in honor of Breast Cancer Month of Root Pump, Root Pump Plus, Spray and Play or Spray and Play Harder are $5.99 this week.

In this week's circular, the deal is on the front cover and below is a 20% off one item coupon.
So, great deal on a great product!

Always pay attention to the Ultra circular especially if you use high end hair, skin or makeup products. Sometimes it does pay to spend a little more if you have sensitive skin, fine or curly hair or just simply like particular products. When we save money in other areas- you can spend a little more for splurges. Ultra always has coupons on their circulars and if you catch a product at the right time- you can really save a lot!

Kroger Deals- 10/11-11/17

Here's what I found interesting at Kroger (or your affiliate if same sale) this week:

Big Frozen Food Sale this week! Buy 10 and Save $5. Frozen items below show final price assuming you bought 10 items (can be assorted from the sale) and got the $5.00 off.

Breyers Ice Cream
Sale Price and after Buy 10/$5 off: $1.99 or 54% off
Kroger Peanut Butter
Sale Price: $1.00 or 47% off
Kroger Dozen Eggs
Sale Price: .99 or 29% off
Suave Body Wash 18oz (unadvertised deal)
Sale Price: $1.48 Coupon: 8/2RP Final Price: .48% or 76% off
Note: Coupon worked on Kids Wash and it's final price was $1.07
Air Wick Air Freshener
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 8/30S $1.00/2 Final Price: .50 or 58% off
Zatarains Rice Mix
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 9/13RP1 Must Buy 2 Final Price: .63 or 63% off
StarKist Tuna Pouch (unadvertised deal)
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 9/20RP $1.00/2 Final Price: .50 or 67% off
Febreze Noticeables Starter Kit (unadvertised deal)
Sale Price: $6.99 Coupon: 9/27 Final Price: $2.99 or 63% off
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
Sale Price: $1.49 Coupon: 10/4GM Final Price: (after 10/$5 sale) .69 or 77% off
Ester C 60 count Vitamins BOGO (unadvertised deal)
Sale Price: $4.35 Coupon: 10/4RP $5.00/1 Final Price: FREE or 100% off
Mrs. Dash Seasoning (unadvertised deal)
Sale Price: $2.00 Coupon: 10/4S Final Price: $1.00 or 69% off

Buy all these items and you would spend $11.74 and save 71%!!

Deals at Walmart this week!

Walmart's list updates on Saturdays on The prices can vary a little so be patient with the list and the cashiers are famous for fighting the coupons because they do not like to do the coupons and they don't know the policies. Be armed but polite and have everything in order so you can minimize the resistance. Walmart does not double.

Here's what I liked at Walmart this week:
Lea & Perrins Worchestshire Sauce 10oz
Sale Price: $2.48 (My store was $2.96) Coupon: 9/27RP $2.00/1 Final Price: .48-.96 or 81% off
Reach Floss 55 yards
Sale Price: $1.12 Coupon: 10/4RP $1.00/1 Final Price: .12 or 89% off
Snuggle Dryer Sheets 120 Count
Sale Price: $4.12 Coupon: 10/4RP $3.00/1 Final Price: $1.12 or 73% off
Starkist Tuna Pouch
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 10/11RP $1.00/2 Final Price: .50 or 50% off
Airwick Freshmatic Compact i-Motion Start Kit
Sale Price: $5.00 Coupon: 10/11S $4.00/1 (also 9/13S1) Final Price: $1.00 or 80% off
Airwick Scented Oil i-Motion Starter Kit
Sale Price: $5.00 Coupon: 10/11S (also 9/13S1) $4.00/1 Final Price: $1.00 or 80% off

If you bought all these items- you would spend $4.72 (if all prices are accurate- may vary slightly) and save 76%! And these are high priced/quality items!

Freebies at Rite Aid this week!

Here are 3 deals I liked at Rite Aid. Using their super easy rebate program- you can spend the money now, get items that you need or would like to try, then in a short few weeks, get your money back!

I thought these items would be great to have around for the flu season that is already amongst us!

Dr. Thompson ColdWar 20 count. Free after $3.99 Rebate Limit 1
Childrens Throat Coolers 6 count. Free after $2.99 Rebate Limit 1
Sucrets Throat Lozengers 18 count or Ice Pops 6 pouches. Free after $2.99 Rebate Limit 1

Spending right at $10.00 plus tax and getting $10.00 back in a few weeks. Wonderful items to have on hand when you don't know when the sick bug will hit your household.

There are several other items for free so take a look at CouponMom. Go to the Rite Aid list, click on the last column's (% saved) upside down triangle. That will re-sort the list to show 100% saving first. And some of these items have coupons to match so with the rebate- you are making money!

80% off

Use the code: FOUR to get 80% off gift certificates at Get a $25 GC for $2.00!

Great way to eat out and still save money!

Great deals at Publix this week!

Sorry- Flu hit our house hard the past 10 days. Got my lists ready from for this week and there are so great deals!
Here's what I liked at Publix this week:

Red Baron Pizza Assorted BOGO (Coupon expires 10/10)
Sale Price: $2.90 Coupon: 8/02S2 $1.00/1 Final Price: $1.90 or 67% off
Luigis Real Italian Ice BOGO
Sale Price: $1.50 Coupon: 8/16RP .50/1 Final Price: $.50 or 83% off
Lysol Assorted Cleaners BOGO
Sale Price: $1.35 Coupon: 9/13S .50/1 Final Price: .35 or 87% off
Old Orchard Reduced Sugar Cocktail Juice
Sale Price: $2.00 Coupon: 9/13S2 Final Price: $1.00 or 67% off
Halls Refresh Drops BOGO
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 9/27S .35/1 Final Price: .30 or 85% off
Halls Cough Drops Assorted Varieties BOGO
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 9/27S .35/1 Final Price: .30 or 85% off
Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt 4 pack BOGO
Sale Price: $1.25 Coupon: 10/4GM $1.00/1 Final Price: .25 or 90% off
Betty Crocker Potatoes BOGO Assorted Varieties
Sale Price: $.80 Coupon:10/4GM .25/1 Final Price: .30 or 81% off
Super Poligrip Free with Coupon up to $3.99 from 10/4RP

If you bought all 9 items, you would spend $4.85 and save 81%. If you have multiple coupons so you can stockpile to wait out the 12 week sale cycle- you can really save and stock up the pantry.

We did one of several shops today. Penny item was coffee.
We got:
2 Betty Crocker Potatoes
Publix Coffee
2 Publix Soft Drinks
2 Double Atlanta Journal Papers so we got 4 sets of coupon inserts
8 Halls Cough Drops- assorted

Spent: $9.85 and saved $19.28! Remember that $4.72 was spent on the newspapers.

2 Red Baron Pizzas
4 Yoplait Yogurts
3 Luigis Ice
8 Betty Crocker Potatoes
6 Lysol Cleaners

Spent $10.80 and saved over $40.00!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another bonus for using

Still at the beach and I mentioned earlier that I bought gift certificates for 2 local restaurants here in Destin. One was the infamous Gravel Road restaurant that has been featured in Southern Living for their grouper sandwich. The other was a place called Bluz and we tried it tonight.

We normally have one night that we take a break from seafood and do something different. Bluz was excellent and we really enjoyed our meal. Everyone ate every last bite of what we ordered and the girls ate like linebackers.

The bonus I mentioned? I would have never noticed this restaurant or even thought about trying it if it wasn't for I love the feature that you can view the menu before you buy and we had a large, wonderful Bluz Special pizza and a hot antipasto platter for 2 for a grand total of $23.00 including a 20% tip! The platter had good sized appetizer portions of calamari, homemade ravioli, cheese dipping sauce, marinara sauce, spinach-artichoke-crap Florentine Dip, Bruschetta, chicken tenders and their bread. We all ate like kings and it was so good. The Bluz Special Pizza was pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, onion and fresh basil. Awesome!!

Bluz looked like a fun place also- karaoke was tonight and they clearly have an after dinner appeal. One of the things I love about is their target clients are good, authentic restaurants that aren't chains (most of the time or if they are- good chains) that offer great food.

And- if you haven't climbed on board with or wonder if restaurants would give you an attitude or you're embarrassed to use one- don't be! We had just sat down, gave her our printout and 3 minutes later- 2 women came in with their printout in hand! The chef came out and talked with us. We had just told our waitress how much we enjoyed the food and how we would have never gone there without the gift certificate. He said he has had more business at night and lunch since he started using the program and how happy he had been with it. found us a great restaurant that will become part of our vacation traditions when we come to Destin.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Proof in the Pudding: How I did today

Here's my two shops today down at the beach and how well we did. Definitely on vacation mode and there's no reason to save money but my motto is "Why waste money at the grocery store or Walmart that is meant to be spent at the Premium Outlets??"

Breakdown- What came with me?
1. Publix lists were generated for both Atlanta and Florida on Wednesday night. Did Atlanta first so I could cross check the items I was interested in that I could bring with me since Georgia Publix doubles coupons up to .50 in Georgia and Florida doesn't double at all! (GASP!) Figured out what was on the Florida list not on Georgia and made sure I printed those items and got the coupons.
2. Thanks to our germ fest lovely fun filled strep week- I had 2 $25 Publix gift cards from our antibiotics. One was used to complete the Atlanta list on Friday and the other took care of our trip down here.
3. I also did the Winn Dixie list and found a great promotion. Buy 4 Kellogg Cereals- get a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs for free with their Customer Card. Had coupons to cover all 4 cereals. Went to Customer Service and asked if there was a courtesy card at each register. A courtesy card will let you take advantage of the savings of the card but not get a card for a place you are visiting and not bog down that store's customer loyalty base with "fake customers."
4. Had great coupons for buy 2 Coca Cola 2 liters, get one free. Mike found them on a tearpad in our Publix. Another reason to always have those "Shopper's Eyes" on whenever in a store.
Found another 2 liter coupon blinkie when using the Buy 2 Get 1 coupon. I'll explain that later but it worked and we rocked it on 6 liters of Coke products.
5. Armed with a $4 off $20 CVS coupon so I went to Publix Customer Service and found out that while they don't double in Florida- they did take this coupon.

Publix Trip: In Destin.
Atlanta rocked us 40 items, saved $45 and had almost $3 left on the $25 GC.
Note: This is not an all coupon trip like usual- this is what we need for the beach.
Smart Blend Wesson Oil $2.00
Kraft Horseradish $1.89
Yes I forgot this even though I blogged about it and we use it to spice up cocktail sauce
Pancake Mix $1.39
This is for a killer frying mix with sparkling water for shrimp- very light like Low Country meets Tempura
HotPockets- Madi wanted out of the blue $2.60
Large Classic Salad Mix $2.09
(2) Sargento Large Shredded Cheese $4.00 total
(2) Santtitas Tortilla Chips $4.00 total
Bisquick Cheese Biscuit Mix (girls love) $1.09
Bullfrog Sunscreen Spray for Mike's fishing trip $9.29
Publix Hot Dog buns $1.23
(3) Zephyrhills 3 Liter Waters $3.00 total
(6) Coca Cola 2 Liters $8.00 total before coupons (Next to nothing after)
(6) Publix Sodas $2.60 or so

After $11 in coupons (no doubling) the total came to $34.89. Between the 2 GCs from our StrepFest- out grand total was $8.20 OOP.

Winn Dixie
Bag of 10lb Ice
Bag of assorted cream cookies for girls to snack on this week
(8) Arm & Hammer Complete Care toothpaste full size
My fav and love the Peroxide and Baking Soda and final price was .35 each! Yes, I even stockpile at the beach!
(4) 12 oz or more boxes of Kellogg's Cereal. Going home for school what we don't use here.
Free Gallon of Milk from above purchase
Free dozen eggs from above purchase
(2) Armour Sizzle and Serve sausages for our fab breakfasts planned
Muscadines (2lbs)
Squash (2lbs)
Limes (2lbs)
Strawberries (2lbs)
(2) Crystal Lights 3 count
Roma Tomatoes (2lbs)

After coupons and promotions: $25.94 and I saved $53.42.
Had I just walked in a drug store alone and bought the Arm & Hammer toothpaste- I'd spend over that total.

So final for my staples for the week with splurges and SOME "wants" added to the vacay week- I spent $25 at home beforehand and $35 here. And that's including the toothpaste and cereal coming home that will last for a long time.

We can eat off the fishing trips, the seafood markets, stay out of Walmart and the stores for at least 3/4 of the week. If the weather cooperates- this time in Destin is awesome- calm beaches, fair temperatures and the family spent the late afternoon finding some of the most amazing shells that I haven't seen in Destin in 20 years. I didn't put a bathing suit on- just planned to watch the girls and I was soaked getting the shells Madi found with her net. We'll go out to eat where it's great and definitely spoil the family... I promise it is so much more fun when you spoil the masses on truly special things and not just that "needed" luxury that vacation means eating out. Vacation to me means hanging out, keeping things simple, eating well, loving life and appreciating a beach that has been such a part of Mike and I.

Destin beaches hold such a special connection for Mike and I. The decisions we have made together can be linked to sitting on these beaches and watching this gorgeous shore. Our lives ahead are going to hold even more special times here for our family this year and onward. Too many decisions from PGA Cards to Marriage to Fortune 5 companies to Family to Moving have been discussed here sitting in this white sand and we want our family to continue this tradition that has been working for the Mike and Traci Rogers Family in the last 18 years. All I know is when I take that "free" (any Destin person will laugh) bridge across the bay on 331- I breathe easier, I smile more and I feel like I am home.

We rocked it- we have a fun week planned, little money spent on petty stuff and it's going to be a great week! If you want help planning your vacay- let me know!!

Living Smart 101: Savay on Vacay!

Be sure to scroll down to my other post. It talks more about the pre-planning side of vacation and this is more about what we do to save once we get down to the beach. The next post will show exactly how we saved today when we arrived.

Headed to the beach today for Fall Break and it's funny how with a little planning, you can still save big on your groceries while away from your stores and your home. So many people think that the beach ritual includes checking into your condo or house, unload the car then head to the grocery store to see how many carts you can fill in record time. I watched family after family head up to the cashier, loaded to the hilt and I could just cringe. And then the biggest thought hit me- they are going to throw 1/2 if not more of that food out at the end of this week!!

It is vacation and you should have fun and we have plenty of fun things planned and don't think being in the "Luckiest Fishing Village in the World" that we won't be eating like kings. I just spent a little time, prepared a game plan and didn't break the bank on the staples and splurges we will need this week to survive and enjoy. I brought some with me, found ways to save on others and brought just enough for the week.

1. I pulled Coupon Mom's lists for the 2 stores in this area before I left, created my list and cut the coupons. Knew how the policies varied in Florida and had my coupons ready and organized.
2. I started paying attention to the lists from Coupon Mom the last 6-7 weeks looking at items not only for lowest price, items needed to add to my stockpile but also items that would be needed at the beach or we would enjoy at the beach. I got printer paper box and just kept adding until 2 full boxes came down with us, Side items, pickles, salad dressing, extra roll of paper towels, bottle of cleaner etc. Just enough to get us through the week and not have to purchase once we got here. Knowing we will be cooking a lot of seafood so a nice wild rice, some mac & cheese for the kids are items I already had so why buy more?
3. In reference to #2: "No crazy ideas like let's take 6 things of mac & cheese." I brought 2 which is reasonable and if we go through 2 boxes and we are out- that's fine. If they are begging for M&C at the end of the week- we'll head to the store and get another box. The goal of bringing food with you is to not take food home with you or the bare minimum. I don't condone throwing anything away unless it's unsafe to travel but minimal is better in this department.
4. Take 5 minutes the night before you leave and go through the frig. Clear a space and put condiments, pickles, dressings, creamers etc you would need at the beach in a group. Get up the next morning and throw in a cooler. If you have a 3/4 bottle of ketchup- why not bring it with you, use it instead of buying a new one a few hours later? This is also a good way to purge the frig and you often use condiments like horseradish more at the beach than at home. (we do)
5. Keep your shopping "eyes" open even at stores you aren't used to shopping at that aren't in your local area. Shopping at the Winn Dixie today- I found the manager specials and I didn't even realize I was looking. Saw a rack in the back by the backroom for produce and hit a gold mine. 2 dozens limes, 2lbs of squash, 2lbs of roma local tomatoes, 1lb of muscadines and 2 lbs of strawberries for just under $7.00.
6. We did get 2 gift certificates when they were 90% off. One is for Gravel Road which has been featured by Southern Living Magazine numerous times.
7. This area was very rainy last week so I pulled all of my resources and found activities to do before we left home if we aren't having fun in the sun. I had free bowling coupons from a Tony's Pizza deal and found a local alley that will accept them, I had free movie tickets from Pop Tarts so I did the same thing, and I researched the local malls and shops to find Family Nights and Activities during our stay. I have found a jam packed week of things to do at night including free Princess face painting, the Purina Dog Jumping Championships and free ice cream at Stone Cold Creamery on 9/24 for a $1.00 donation.
8. Final last tip- we checked the occupancy of our condo the week prior to ours. No one had rented it so Mike called yesterday to see if we could check in a couple of hours early- that would be around 2pm in our minds. Nope- try 10:30 am! That's a whole extra day in our eyes. We got up this morning and we were in the condo by noon CST. Had we added an extra day, it would have been $77 plus taxes and charges.

It may seem like a little work but when you are excited about a week at the beach, want to get there with a plan, not spend a fortune on staples and the basics, don't waste your time wandering the grocery store everyday... it's worth it in the end. I'll break it down in my next post and show how it really works!

Sorry for the quiet- time is just flying by!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Germs Invaded! What I like at Publix this week!

Dealing with strep but have to admit that I am impressed we've made since 8/3 and now dealing with our first DR visit and out of school. It actually worked out- 10 days of antibiotics for the girls will put us right on the day before we leave for Fall Break...hopefully will keep us well until then. It's going to be a long sick season once the weather turns cold if this is any indication.

I thought Publix looked great this week- here's what I put on my list from

All Small and Mighty 3X Laundry Detergent or All 2X Ultra Concentrate- BOGO
Sale Price: $2.50 Coupon: 8/2RP Final Price $1.50 or 70% off
Skintimate Shave Gel
Sale Price: $1.67 Coupon: 8/2S1 Final Price: $.67 or 71% off
Edge Shave Gel
Sale Price: $1.67 Coupon: 8/2S1 Final Price: .92 or 60% off
Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8 oz tub)
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 8/9RP Must buy 2 Final Price: .50 or 66% off
Newmans Own Pasta Sauce- BOGO
Sale Price: $1.35 Coupon: 8/23RP Final Price: .35 or 87% off
Quaker Instant Oatmeal BOGO
Sale Price: $1.95 Coupon: 8/30RP Must buy 2 Final Price: $1.33 or 66% off
Green Giant Frozen Veggies
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 9/13S1 Must buy 2 Final Price: .50 or 66% off

If I bought everything- I'd spend $8.09 and save 68%.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Living Smart 101: Saving On Vacation

I was asked to share how I save money when we go to the beach. I've shared my tips and hints for Disney so I thought I'd share how I save when we go to the beach. A lot of us are about to have Fall Break in September and if you are from Atlanta or the surrounding areas- the majority of us make a mass exodus to the Gulf Coast.

1. Shop around and check out different companies. Pit them against one another. Mike did this and played 2 different companies against one another. We are repeat renters with both and we found out who wanted to retain our business. Mike told the person he was working with how much he wanted to spend, the amenities he wanted, location, size etc. Both companies offered a repeat business discount that wasn't featured on their websites. They each offered to take 20% off the weekly rate.
2. Talking to a real person than just relying on the websites. The person Mike was working with was able to tell him all about the condo we ended up renting. It's one of her favorites (these are smaller companies in Destin so she just wasn't blowing smoke), how clean it was, newly renovated etc. We got a lot more information about different units which made our choice easier to decide on.
3. Check out companies that offer amenities like free golf, free fishing, movie rentals etc. The two companies we like to use have a full amenities package that comes with your rental. Mike gets a free round of golf including cart fee for every day we are there!! And 2 courses he can choose from are in Sandestin. Rates on these 2 courses are pushing $100 a round. We get a free dolphin cruise, fishing excursion and dvd rentals every day. When you take in account what it would cost to do these things on our own- the value of our rental is even better than just a place to stay on the beach.
4. Start making lists now for things you need at the beach. I have a goal that I stay out of Walmart then we are in Destin. I have an excel spreadsheet for the beach that lists all the stuff we need so I can check everything off when I'm packing. And I start modifying the list about a month out from our trip. When I think of something, I put it on the list. And I put even the most obvious on the spreadsheet. We've actually had to buy Mike a bathing suit one year when we got there!!
5. Start watching deals for food and supplies you can take with you. For example, I picked up several things of salsa when it was a steal for the beach. Same thing on breakfast and lunch items. Taking it with you when you can find great deals will keep you out of the grocery store also while down there and cut your food costs while there.
6. Once Labor Day hits, watch the clearance aisles at the grocery stores and drug stores for rock bottom prices plus coupons on items like swim pants, sunscreen, beach toys etc. Keep coupons on you for items like these so when you run across a deal then you can grab it and save!!
7. Watch for coupons for eating out and check out to see what's available for the area you are headed to. I make a travel binder with our reservations, directions to the office and unit and include a pocket for coupons. I got a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon for Outback so I'll throw it in there. We eat a lot of seafood so a lunch or dinner to change things up a little might be nice. We don't do chains in Destin but with a coupon- we might make an exception.
8. Speaking of seafood- we do try to take our sides down like pasta, rice etc. so we are primarily just buying produce, milk and seafood while down there.

Planning ahead not only saves money but allows you to stay out of the stores and making your week at the beach even more stress free and relaxing!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Publix Preschool Club

Click here to sign up! You get several cool things like a game (my children love it. Mac plays it all the time now and Madi did when she was three), newsletter, birthday cards, freebies and coupons.

And if you are expecting- search the Publix site for the Baby Club. Several great freebies and coupons!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What can $7.42 buy you at Kroger with NO COUPONS???

HORROR!! We went to Kroger and GASP!! didn't have any coupon??? I didn't see anything on the lists this week that interests me but we were right there and we needed bread for Madi's lunches this week.

For $7.42 and no coupons... we got:
Dozen Eggs
Jumbo 16 pack of hot dog buns
Loaf of sandwich bread
5lb bag of Russet Potatoes
Cheese Slices 16 count
2 Summer Toys for our beach trip on clearance

Great deals to round out our stockpile, help keep our week simple and our stress levels down. How? Just for taking a quick minute and walking the store to see what's on sale and what's on Manager's Special. All staples, needed items and tremendous savings!

Living Smart 101: No Waste in my house!

I've mentioned how crazy the gardens have become this time of year as they wind down and produce way more than we can consume before the produce goes to waste. We've taken things a step further and been canning. We've canned over 60 quarts of pickles, created several relishes and been working on some hot pepper sauces, gumbo bases, banana pepper rings, pickled peppers and jalapenos, hot refrigerator pickles (those have been the hit of the summer) and salsa just to name a few of our many products! I think I could probably start a SCB line! LOL

Luckily, Mike's grandmother has retired from the canning business :) and gave us all of her jars. Mike's mom gave us several as well. We made a goal- NO WASTE! We didn't want to look back during the Winter months and remember all the produce we had right now and instead enjoy the fruits of our labor all year round. With times the way they are right now- utilizing every resource available is crucial. We used coupons to get our spices, supplies etc. ...we even found a coupon for the lids for the cans. We had a few cans pop their lids and we wasted those but had so many cucumbers that we just sanitized the jars and tried again. We used traditional, no fail recipes and our family and friends have loved our results.

Again, we've taken this mindset to a new level. For example, we had 3/4 of a gallon of milk that is expiring tomorrow. Milk was fine but no way it could be drunk today. Was I going to let it go to waste? HECK NO! I had a bag of potatoes that needed to be used, a killer week coming up with Curriculum Night Tuesday night right after Scouts so I made Baked Potato Soup! It's ready to be heated up when we rush home from Daisy Scouts and have just a few minutes before the babysitter gets here and we need to be at school. Had milk left- so I made 2 boxes of mac and cheese for the girls to eat throughout the week. It will work for Mac's lunch (get it? Mac for Mac? LOL) and again, it's all ready, easy week with meals already planned and prepared for the most part!

There are other areas too to think about. I needed half a red onion the other night. I chopped the whole thing and froze the remainder for future use. Tomatoes are going faster than we can eat them so we made Garlic, Basil and Tomato Soup this weekend.

Just think outside the box and make it your goal to see how much you can utilize what you have and eliminate as much waste as possible. Before you know it... it will be second nature!

Coupon for Free Yoplait Yo Plus Yogurt!

If you do the Publix deal this week on the Yo Plus, making it just a quarter for a 4 pack- I've got a way to make it even sweeter!!

Save your receipt, get a UPC off a package and print the form from Fill it out, circle your purchase on your original receipt and get a coupon for a free 4 pack in the mail.

And if you don't have Publix- get the coupon, buy some yogurt and know you are getting a 2nd 4 pack for free down the road.

A1 Steak Sauce .09 cents at Target!

Smaller bottles of A1 are $2.09 at Target (not on sale) and in the 8/16 SmartSource, there is a coupon for $2.00 off 1 bottle which would make A1 just 9 cents each!! Perfectly legal, not size limit coupon from this insert!

We got 4 the other night. Cashier really studied the coupon but found nothing to say it wasn't valid.

GREAT DEAL!! Remember- your stores may vary by region but if you are going there for something else- grab your coupons and check it out!

Living Smart 101: A little time saves A LOT of Money Part I

Old habits die hard and new habits can save money!

I've started a new habit that is saving us money on our electric bill. I've mentioned in an earlier post about unplugging things we don't use often and I did see a difference on the bill. I've taken it a step further and now the whole family is in on it.

We do the monthly averages on our electric bill which means they average our bill throughout the year and we pay the same each month owing anything over that average in May. Usually, because of running the AC, we are over the averages by a good bit this time of the year. For July- we were just $40 over average for the month and if you are here in Atlanta... you know how hot it is.

Here's the habits we are doing and it is working!
1. When we leave the house, everyone turns off all TVs, ceiling fans and we bump the thermostats up to 81-82 degrees. It's hot when we get home but once the fans start running again and we bump the air down- it's very quick for the house to cool down. We don't bump it down to 78 to put the AC in overdrive but we gradually bump it down until we are comfortable.
My new mindset is why cool the air in the house when no one is here! I've really not noticed it being uncomfortable at all and back to normal very quickly.
2. I'm trying very hard to keep the AC at 80 degrees. The fans keep the air moving and it's usually not until the afternoon that it gets uncomfortable if it's really hot outside. It works for us and I realize not everyone can do it but our downstairs stays very cool despite how hot it gets outside. I also make sure I bump the air up into the 80s when I go to bed or upstairs for the night for the same reason. And throughout the day- if we are upstairs, turn up downstairs and vice versa.
3. Turning ceiling fans off in rooms we don't frequent. I realized one day that I didn't really pay attention to rooms that had fans on 24/7 and no one is using these rooms!
4. We had a floor fan in the garage and since we had it- why not use it? We'll use it upstairs on really scorching days to just generate more air flow in the late afternoon.

These new habits are working, my family is doing them without being asked and we're seeing results on the bill!

Living Smart 101: A little time saves A LOT of Money Part II

Here's my second story about how just taking a little time and effort can help you save even more money! Can't guarantee it will work every time but if you have a few minutes, it's worth the effort. I find it pays off somehow, some way in the end. I'll explain once I tell you what happened today.

Madi had a birthday party in Canton. I had my Publix trips to finish so the 3 of us went to the shopping center that Publix is located in. There is also a Ross (like TJ Maxx if you don't have Ross) and Belk Department Store (popular in the South).

The Belk at North Pointe Mall is closing and everything is marked down with an additional 80% off final price. Mike's parents scored some great deals but this mall is a good distance from Canton so I was trying to decide when I should go check it out. Definitely couldn't do the trip right then and leave Madi in Canton in case something happened. We checked out Ross- didn't see that great of deals so we checked out Belk. They aren't closing but their clearance was HUGE with an additional 40% off. I found several great deals but it hit me- 40% before Labor Day? They had a lot of inventory to move so what was my rush? I did find a really nice pair of khaki shorts and I got those. Normally, $40 for $9.00.

Speeding things up- on the way home- we were passing our local Goodwill. It's very nice- I know that opinion can vary by location but we like ours. So we stop and not only did I get a pair of Macy's brand khaki shorts but a NY&Co. pair of black pants. BOTH NEW WITH 1 with TAGS!! Shorts were $1.95 and pants were $4.89.

My point is- I took a little bit of time, thought outside of the box and I maximized my savings. I still like the shorts I got at Belk- Mike goes right by the location closing so he knows what I'm looking for and hoping he can find the 80% savings. Yes, I have a wonderful husband but I know he wants to go look for him too!

Taking a little time, not impulse shopping and being patient will always pay off in the end!!

Rockin it at Publix this week!!

Three trips today and yes, I only bought the best deals- I'm still really stockpiled.

Here's what I liked today:

Trip 1:
(2) Double AJC papers for 4 sets of coupons $5.00
(1) Huggies Swim Pants-
On clearance for $4.40 plus a coupon from 8/16S for $1.50 additional Final Price: $2.90
(6) Luzianne Tea Bags 24 count BOGO
Sale Price: $1.15 Coupon: 6/21S .60/1 Final Price: .55 or 76% off
Penny Item was a roll of Publix Paper Towels

Total: $11.71 and I saved $17.66

Trip 2:
(1) Huggies Swim Pants-
On clearance for $4.40 plus a coupon from 8/16S for $1.50 additional Final Price: $2.90
(4) Yoplait Yo-Plus 4 packs BOGO
Sale Price: $1.25 Coupon: 8/9GM $1.00/1 Final Price: .25 or 90% off
(8) Barilla Pasta- Assorted
Sale Price: .79 Coupon: 8/23S $1.00/1 Final Price: FREE plus overage .21 each
(4) Chinet Beverage Napkins
Sale Price: $1.19 Coupon: 6/28S $1.00/1 Final Price: .19 or 87% off
(2) Starbucks Ice Cream BOGO
Sale Price: $1.80 Coupon: 6/21S $2.00/1 Final Price: FREE with .20 overage
Penny Item was a roll of Publix Paper Towels

Total: $3.49 and I saved $40.60.

Trip 3:
(8) Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt 4 packs BOGO
Sale Price: $1.25 Coupon: 8/9GM or 7/12S $1.00/1 Final Price: .25 or 90% off
(4) Purina Chef Michael's Canine Creations
Sale Price: .89 Coupon: 8/23RP for up to $1.00 free can Final Price: FREE or 100% off
Penny Itemwas a roll of Publix Paper Towels

Total: $2.22 and I saved over $23.00.

Grand Total Spent: $17.42
Grand Total Saved: $81.26
Total Items: 42
Total % Saved: 79%

And remember that $10.80 was in papers for coupons and 2 packages of swim pants for our beach trip!

Note: It's a lot of yogurt but we all eat a lot and it's good until the end of September. Always check the expiration dates when you buy a lot of an item. It's not a deal if you can't use it all before it goes bad.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

Forgive me but rookie school mom had no idea that the summer is really only a slightly longer break than what feels like a Spring Break or Fall Break. One minute we were out of school- the next... getting ready for our school year!

Readers who aren't in Atlanta- I live slight NW of the Metro Atlanta area in Cherokee County. We have a school calendar that is technically considered "year round." Meaning- we are in our 3rd week of school! I have friends all over the country that think we are crazy!! However, we get a week off almost every 6 weeks which is essential not only to the students but my teacher friends tell me that these breaks restore not only their energy but their sanity.

I'm back on the blog 110%, will be finding the deals once again, keep adding to the Coupon 101 for the essential skills to get you started and letting you know what I find for great deals all over.
Just got pulled in too many directions and something had to fall behind. So please check back everyday!!

Thanks for your support, please email me with questions and if you have emailed and not heard from me- there was an issue with my email account that has finally been restored. I wasn't ignoring you! LOL

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great Deal at Ultra this week!

If you use "salon" products- there is a great sale at Ultra this week! Liter sizes of select Matrix and Redken shampoos and conditioners are on sale this week for $13.99.

Matrix line includes: Biolage, Amplifly and Sleek Look
Redken line includes: Blonde Glam, Color Extend, Smooth Down and many more.

Combine with the $3.50 off $10.00 or more purchase and you're getting an incredible deal. Liters go for $14.95 at Walmart and much more expensive at other stores and salons. There is a limit of 6 liters per customer. Gather multiple coupons, do multiple shops and you can save big and stock up for a long time.

I'm constantly asked what I am willing to spend money on and it's shampoo and conditioner. I think it last longer, my color last longer and my hair is healthier in the end.

Deals on School Supplies this week.

Here's what I think look good this week on school supplies. I still think they might get better- the competition is just gearing up and just a handful of us are going back to school on August 3rd. For example, Office Depot usually does .10 Crayola 24 packs of crayons but I haven't seen it yet. I'll get what we need to start the year and take to Meet & Greet this Thursday. If the dime deals comes around this year- I'll stock up for the rest of the year.

12 pack Papermate pens .50
6 pack Elmers glue sticks $1.00

24 count Crayola crayons .20
Crayola 12 count colored pencils $1.00

Elmers glue 4 oz .25
Bic Mechanical Pencils 5 count .25
Pencil Sharpeners .25
Index Cards .25

2 pk Elmers glue sticks .25
24 pack Crayola crayons .25
Crayola markers $1.00
Crayola colored pencils $1.00
Ziploc bonus boxes of bags $2.00 Coupon is 7/26S for $1.00 off 2 or .40 off 1
Puffs 4 pack of tissue boxes $3.24
Elmers Glue 4 oz .25
Bic Pens 12 count $1.00

Don't forget limits at most stores except for Walmart so decide if a deal is "worth the mileage" for a few cents difference.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review- International Farmers Market

I mentioned earlier about shopping at these markets and today we went as a family. What a neat experience and the girls had a blast. They were intrigued by the out of the ordinary items like live catfish, cow's tongue and a leg of lamb! Madi commented that the leg of lamb was "huge and she thought lambs were little!" Made us laugh. She also had a blast acting like she could read Chinese by covering up the English "subtitle" on the package and challenging Mike to tell her what an item was.

We went to the Cobb market today and got some great deals!! 2 pounds of cherries for $1.98 and they are $1.99/lb at the grocery store and Sam's Club. Great deals on citrus, seafood and veggies.

We got a pound of fresh shrimp tonight and they tasted like we were at the beach. They were $5.99/lb or you could get head on for $2.99/lb. If you aren't afraid of cutting the heads off- what a great deal!! We also got scallops that were priced incredible and had a awesome dinner tonight.

One of the best things I found was fresh pork that isn't injected with "enhancements" like you find in the grocery stores now. Great prices and we just cooked a Boston Butt for tomorrow and it rocks!

The only thing I noticed was some of the meats are from Mexico. It's labeled clearly and I do think I would like to stick with the USA meats just to be on the safe side.

It was a fun visit, great prices on great products and we had fun walking the aisles and looking at all the products from all over the world.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It starts tomorrow!! Free or close to it at Staples for back to school items and office supplies.

Penny Offers are good from 7/12-7/15. There are limits per visit but you can visit more than once!

Be sure to get a couple of the ads from tomorrow's paper because there is a $5 off $20 coupon on the front.

8 pack of #2 pencils are .01 cents, limit two.
Staples 4X6 Photo Paper is on sale for $9.99 and you can get $8.99 back in a rebate so $1.00 each after rebates.
Bic White Out is $1.00 for a 2 pack.
Sharpie Highlighters 6 pack is $1.00
Sharpie 3 pack erasers $1.00
2 pack kids scissors $1.00
Copy Paper is on sale for $3.99 and there is a rebate for $3.98, limit 2.
Bic Fashion Pens are $1.00. Click here for a $1.00 off coupon making these free.

There are other deals and several buy one get one free offers. I think the prices can be better on these items in the upcoming weeks.

You can really stack the photo paper and copy paper deals to create your $20, use the $5 off and then get overage back on rebates. If you want help putting these together- shoot me an email.

Free Portrait Package at Picture People

This is a great summer promotion but hurry because it expires on 7/25/09. This isn't the normal 1 portrait or picture sheet but an entire package! One 8X10, 2 5X7s and 8 wallets.

Go here:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coupon 101: Coupon Casino- When to Hold Them, When to Fold Them

Deals are going to start pouring in as companies want you buying their products to get ready for back to school. However, this is a gambling game and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't.

I used this particular scenario that popped up earlier at my friend, Bethany's house when we did a GNO seminar not too long ago. Will it work again to hold off and wait for a better price? Don't hold me to it but this is what happened the last time this deal came around.

Betty Crocker fruit snacks are on sale this week at Publix and with a coupon to buy 2- you can get for .80 each or a savings of 69%. I remember this deal the last time it came around the sale cycle. I remember asking if Mike thought it was a good deal and he said no. We waited one week and they were on sale again but with a better coupon from that week's newest coupon inserts. The coupon out right now is for a purchase of 2 boxes and they are on sale for $1.30. The next coupon was for 1 box and the .50 cent coupon doubled to $1.00 making the fruit snacks just .30 each at that point.

I have no idea how it will pan out but I'm going to hold off. Fruit Snacks are a Back to School hot item and I think the coupons/deals will be better. If they aren't- no biggie. This isn't a staple or a need item- just something the girls enjoy in ration.

The point I'm trying to make is there are still questions, doubts and even a season pro like me has to weigh the options, my chances to score the best deal and decide when to cash in those coupons. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but I do encourage you to trust the 12 week sale cycle. It rarely fails me even when I worry that I'm out of a particular item.

I've never been to Vegas but if I had the odds in my favor like I do from the 12 week sale cycle with couponing- I think I could hit it big!

Deals at Publix this week!

Finally, some deals!! Here's what I liked at Publix this week.

Tai Pei Frozen Dinners BOGO
Sale Price: $1.50 Coupon: 3/1RP Must buy 2 Final Price: $1.00 or 67% off
Huggies Bath Products BOGO
Sale Price: $1.65 Coupon: 4/19S Final Price: .65 or 80% off
Margaret Holmes Vegetables
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 5/10RP Final Price: .30 or 77% off
Dial Bar Soap 3 count
Sale Price: $1.19 Coupon: 5/17S1 Final Price: .49 or 76% off
Daisy Sour Cream
Sale Price: $1.67 Coupon: 5/31RP Final Price: .67 or 71% off
Newmans Own Salsa
Sale Price: $2.00 Coupon: 5/31RP Final Price: $1.00 or 60% off
A1 Marinades BOGO
Sale Price: $1.45 Coupon: 6/14S Final Price: FREE or 100% off
Spray N Wash Stain Remover Spray or Stick BOGO
Sale Price: $1.50 Coupon: 6/14S Final Price: .50 or 83% off
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks BOGO
Sale Price: $1.30 Coupon: 6/14S Must buy 2 Final Price: .80 or 69% off
Muellers Pasta BOGO
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 6/21S Must buy 2 Final Price: .50 or 75% off
Planters Peanuts BOGO
Sale Price: $1.60 Coupon: 6/28S Must buy 2 Final Price: .85 or 73% off

If you bought all these items, you would spend $9.36 and save 75%!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coupon 101: Calling companies for coupons

I've mentioned this before but a good friend of mine from high school, Bev emailed me to tell me it worked and how easy it was.

She emailed the company that makes her brand of cat litter and I think she told me it was the Nestle Corporation. She got a response the next day that they would gladly send her coupons not only for that product but other products as well. And because she was a loyal customer- they would send her coupons every 4-6 weeks!

It's easy, takes a few minutes to research, send the email or make a phone call. During this economy, I think I would seriously fall on the floor if any company refused to give you coupons to use and buy their products.

Thanks Bev for reminding me how easy this is to do and get great results!!

$1.00 off AJC this Sunday

Don't forget to print your coupon for $1.00 the AJC this Sunday.
It works on doubles and the coupon is for Kroger but remember that Publix should take it as a competitor's coupon.

Free Chick Fil A this Friday!

It's Cow Appreciation Day this Friday, July 10th at Chick Fil A. Dress like a cow and get a free meal.

Details on all the contests are here:

Free Mocha Mondays At McDonald's through 8/3

Free Mocha Mondays starting this Monday through August 3rd between 7am and 7pm. 8oz mocha or 7 oz iced mocha while supplies last.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where are the deals????

One of the reasons I've been quiet is the deals are just not there. Maybe it's just me but I'm not finding prices that I like to stock up on items.

Never fear- it will change soon in the upcoming weeks. Deals on Back to School items like lunch items, breakfast items etc will start to pop up as people get ready for the new school year. The coupons will increase also.

There are dry spells so don't worry- hang in there and it will turn around.

It's that time of the year...Saving on Back to School Supplies!

I'm a planner and definitely like to stay ahead and get ready for school. However, be patient and wait for the pricing war between the Office Supply stores, Walmart, Target and the drug stores. In the upcoming weeks- there will be awesome prices on supplies so wait and stock up when the prices are at their best!

Another hint- I ran into Ross the other day and noticed an entire wall of backpacks. All types, colors, trends, characters etc. This is the time to buy at a great price at one of the discount chains.

The Office Supply stores will start offering penny items, 10 cent items each week with limits. However, if you have several in your area or when you are out and about- you can stop by real quick and take advantage of that particular item each week to stock up for the school year.

For example, there will be one week that Office Depot will offer 10 cent packs of Crayola Crayons 24 count. They will limit anywhere from 5-10 but like I said, with a couple of visits- you can stock up for the entire school year!

Hint- with the limits- sign up with the office chains if you are a teacher. Staples has a program and you can buy more than the limit with the card they will give you. They will also honor the program if you are a preschool teacher or home school.

The other great deal is Walmart will fight hard to keep up with the specials the other stores are offering. They will bottom line their supplies with no limits.

I stock up on mechanical pencils, glue sticks, crayons, folders, binders, paper, pens etc. Plan for the entire school year, just not what you need to start the year. I also try to get enough that I can take my new teacher a goody bag of supplies at Meet and Greet. Teachers spend so much of their own money to prepare their classrooms so any contributions you can make will be very appreciated!

Also, take advantage of these deals for your church, MOPs, Scouts etc. These are great deals, you're not taking advantage of the system and when your child comes to you at 8pm and says they need paper- no big deal!

I'll highlight the deals I like each week.
Happy Back to School Shopping!

A Gem... International Farmer's Markets

It's funny when you create your own perceptions about places, things or even people without checking them out first. Mike has visited 2 International Farmer's Markets in our area and has been super impressed with both and better yet- their prices!

Mike went to the Buford Highway Farmers Market last week. If you are here in Atlanta- it's right at 285 and Buford Highway. Mike said it was super clean, great prices if you know your prices on produce. Some were high but most were very reasonable if not awesome. For example, Mike got a huge bag of key limes for .99 cents and 12 lbs of pickling cucumbers for $6.75. He didn't get to explore as much as he wanted but plans to go back this week.

Today, he went to the Cobb International Farmers Market. He said it reminded him of Harry's or Whole Foods and the meat/seafood prices were incredible. Cut, ready to go chicken wings were $1.49/lb, large shrimp with heads on were $2.99/lb and whole filet mignon was $4.99/lb. He didn't ask if they would cut it for you but I'm sure they would. The big plastic containers of spring mix salad greens was $1.49 and at Kroger- it's $3.99.

Check in your area and see if you have an International Market in your area. Be careful of course going into an unknown area of your town.

I'm Back!

I know I didn't announce a short break but with the holidays and a couple weeks of slow deals- I'm now back and ready to go into one of my favorite times of year- saving on Back to School items. I'll explain more in a post tonight.

We had a super relaxing 4th of July weekend on a wonderful houseboat with some great friends and their family. Now it's time to start finishing up the summer- we go back to school on August 3rd! YIKES!! Less than one month away.

However- I'm excited about a new gem we've found, saving huge on back to school and what items we will start seeing super savings on as the new school year approaches. Thanks for reading and feel free to share the blog with all of your friends!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Deals at Kroger this week!

Finally! Some good deals after some slow weeks.
Here's what I found good at Kroger this week by generating my list at CouponMom.

Sale Price: .78 per lb or 61% off
Minute Maid Fruit Drinks
Sale Price: .90 or 60% off
Frozen Kroger Popsicles
Sale Price: $1.00 or 50% off
Angel Soft Toilet Paper 4 count
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 4/19RP Final Price: FREE or 100% off
McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 5/3RP Final Price: FREE or 100% off
Bounty Paper Towels 1 count
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 6/7PG Final Price: .50 or 75% off
Tony's Pizza
Sale Price: $2.50 Coupon: 6/7S Final Price: $1.50 or 63% off
Note: Check the back of the box for a free bowling coupon
Purina Mighty Dog Dog Food
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 6/14S Final Price: FREE or 100% off

If you bought all these items, you would save 72% and spend $4.77!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dads! Run to Chick-Fil-A tomorrow for a free milkshake!

I hope you have a Chick-Fil-A in your area. If not- you are missing out big time! Our favorite fast food restaurant. My sister lives up North and when she comes home- the first stop on her agenda is Chick-Fil-A!

Take your children tomorrow and get a free 14 oz milkshake for Father's Day! It's one per customer. Can't go on Sunday- the founder decided from conception of the original restaurant that he would never open on Sundays.

Their milkshakes rock!! My fav is cookies and cream. They just came out with a Peach and I've heard it is awesome.

Don't forget to take advantage of this great deal!

Update on the Canning Sessions at my house

I mentioned canning pickles the other day and after only 1 week- our pickles looked so great that we caved and opened a jar. They are incredible!!! If I can say so myself! They were good at room temperature, put them in the frig overnight and that jar of pickle spears were gone in a couple of minutes.

We canned 12 more jars tonight and at the rate the girls ate them- I need to can a ton more to get us through the year until the next harvest.

You can always get great deals on pickles with CouponMom and the stores' sales plus coupons but there's always something special about creating your own and realizing they could compete if not better with store bought. generated a great tried and true recipe, I learned the tricks of the trade to keep them crisp and I'm Super Mom to two little girls that devoured a jar with their Dad in minutes!
And made them for next to nothing!

I've had a couple of people email that they are intimidated by canning- it's not hard and if you want help- shoot me an email and I'll walk you through it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coupon 101: Where discounts and deals don't work

Okay- super sorry I've been so quiet but it's been a crazy week with VBS and swim lessons. And just a need to unwind from the school year. Deals are slim and I'm waiting for them to pick up hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

You know that I love getting discounts and finding ways to get what we need or services at the lowest price possible. However, I've learned there are times to buy the best or research your options to decide how much you are willing to pay and know you will get the best service or quality in the long run.

A great example- we love to cook and in the first 10 years of our marriage- I went through at least 3 sets of cookware. I finally decided to research and decided I was going to get All Clad. I've been lucky because we have a great Williams Sonoma outlet near our house and by being patient and finding killer deals over the last 5 years just for being in the right place at the right time. I didn't run out and buy everything I needed or wanted- it was a slow process but I now have killer cookware! And a couple of heavily discounted pieces were a little scratched but you know what- made that first time I scratched it easier to handle knowing how much that particular pan or pot cost originally. I will be using my All Clad for years to come because of the quality.

Other things that I think quality outweighs cost- shoes, leather, furniture etc.

Tell other readers what you think demands quality by commenting!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One of my favorite sites

Hopefully, you've got a garden coming and we are yielding a ton of veggies from the garden we helped plant at my in-laws. I decided to can this year and I forgot how easy it is!! And I've made a goal that I will try to utilize our harvest and don't let things go to waste.

I love! You can search for anything and I have found some of the best recipes. One thing I love is the 5 star rating and the ability to read reviews. The reviews are great because posters add their suggestions, changes and additions to each recipe.

I haven't canned in years because one year I put all this effort into making pickles. I stored my many jars and they were mush! This week I found a recipe on this website and learned the secret- ice water bath for the cucumbers for at least 2 hours. They turned out perfect! (so far) It's really not hard, you don't need a pressure cooker for things like pickles and relish. Just make sure you sanitize the jars, wipe the rim of the jar off before placing the lid and boil the lids right before placing on the jar. The heat of the contents or brine plus the heat of the lid will seal the can. Once the lid is on the jar, put the ring on and tighten as hard as you can. And if canning intimidates you- there are some great icebox pickle recipes and recipes for bread like zucchini bread. Super easy and the girls loved it this week.

Garden harvest is one of my favorite things about summer. There's nothing better than a tomato sandwich and fresh veggies. The best thing... no buying commercial produce at the grocery store!

Monday, June 8, 2009

CVS deals this week!

Here's the deals I found for CVS using

Nabisco Ritz Crackers
Sale Price: $2.00 Coupon: 5/17S1 Buy Ritz and get Wheat Thins Free
Final Price: $1.00 or 74% off
Gillette Fusion, Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze Razor Limit 1
Sale Price: $7.99 Coupon: 6/7PG Final Price: Free after $4 ECB
Dawn Dish Liquid
Sale Price: $1.50 Coupon: 6/7PG (must buy 2) Final Price: .25 or 75% off after $1.00 ECB

Deals at Rite Aid this week!

If you don't mind spending the money now and applying for the rebate check that you'll get about a month later, here are some great deals!

Orajel Kids Plaque Revealing Rinse or Toddler Pre-Brush
Free after $3.00 rebate. Limit one. Final Price: 100% off
Coupon: 5/3S + $1.50 rebate Final Price: 100% off
Air Wick 1 Motion Kit
Sale Price: $4.99 Coupon: 5/17S2 + $5.00 rebate Final Price: .99 or 90% off
Complete Multi Purpose Solution
Coupon: 5/31RP + $7.99 rebate Make $2.00 Final Price: 100% +
Colgate Childrens or Plus toothbrush
Sale Price: .99 Coupon: 6/7S Final Price: .24 or 88% off
Note: Check with toothbrushes are included on the coupon
Colgate toothpaste
Sale price: .99 Coupon: 6/7S and $1.00 in ad coupon Final Price: .24 or 88% off

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Deals at Kroger this week!

Here's great deals at Kroger this week:

Oscar Meyer Deli Style Lunchmeat BOGO
Sale Price: $1.50 Coupon: 5/10S (must buy 2) Final Price: $1.00 or 67% off
Knorr Rice, Pasta or Fiesta Sides
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 5/17RP (must buy 2) Final Price: .70 or 59% off
Eckrich Assorted Meat Products (lowest price shown)
Sale Price: $1.50 Coupon: 5/17S2 (must buy 2) Final Price: $1.00 or 67% off
Daisy Sour Cream
Sale Price: $1.67 Coupon: 5/31RP Final Price: $1.67 or 66% off
Sunny Delight 64 oz (Smoothie variety is the coupon if part of sale)
Sale Price: $1.25 Coupon: 5/31S Final Price: .70 or 59% off
Lysol Cleaning Products 50% off
Sale Price: $1.10 Coupon: 6/7S Final Price: .10 or 95% off
NOTE: I'm not finding these cleaners at the price listed above but still a good deal!

If you bought all these items- you would spend under $10.00 and save 67% off!

Deal at Target this week

I haven't been shopping Target much lately but here's a good deal:

Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit
Sale Price: $5.99 Coupon: 5/10S Final Price: $1.99 or 78% off

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Call your utility companies!

Sit down one afternoon and call your companies. See if there is a special going on or just specifically ask if there is a way to lower your bill. You'd be surprise how easy and it works!
We normally do it at least once a year.

Called the cable company today and inquired about adding another premium channel. It was going to be $7.95 a month so Mike asked what the difference is if we just added everything? There was a special for doing so and it's a no commitment, locked in rate for 2 years. Now we have all the channels, they threw in the HD DVR for free and we are going to save over $30 a month!! SWEET

All for making a 15 minute phone call.

Friday, June 5, 2009

KMart may be doubling up to $2.00 next week

Go to and click on weekly ads. Type in your zip code and look for a coupon on the bottom right of next week's sales ad. If there is a coupon for up to 10 coupons doubling to $2.00 then your local store is participating next week.

I tried several stores around my area and the ad for next week does not have the coupon. Check your area and see if you might be one of the lucky ones!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Q&A: Combining Downloadable and Paper Coupons

Note: If you comment on an older post- make sure to also send me an email especially if you have a question. I may not see the comment right away and I want to help out!

Q: Hi! I'm new here and not really sure where to post my question. If you have UPromise ecoupons loaded and you have paper coupons or other ecoupons for immediate savings on an item, do you get both the Upromise and the traditional savings at the same time? Thank You for your help, and I'm loving your advice!

A: I have had no problem using downloadable with paper coupons. If anyone else has had a different response- please comment!

Deals at Publix this week!

Here's what I found to be 50% off or higher at Publix this week that I need or can stock up on.

Minute Maid All Natural Coolers, Just 10 Fruit Punch or Fruit Falls Water BOGO
Sale Price: $1.10 or 50% off
Whole Fruit Sorbet BOGO
Sale Price: $1.45 Coupon: 4/5RP Final Price: .70 or 76% off
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Sweet Rolls, Biscuits etc. 10/$10 promotion
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 4/5S1 (must buy 2) Final Price: .70 or 50% off
Sparkle Paper Towels 2 Roll
Sale Price: $2.50 Coupon: 5/3RP Final Price: $1.50 or 54% off
GE Reveal Light Bulbs 4ct BOGO
Sale Price: $1.45 Coupon: 5/3S Final Price: .70 or 76% off
Dannon Activa Yogurt 4 pk
Sale Price: $2.00 Coupon 5/10S Final Price: $1.00 or 65% off
Dannon DanActive Drinkable Yogurt 4pk
Sale Price: $2.00 Coupon: 5/10S Final Price: $1.00 or 65% off
Breyers Ice Cream BOGO
Sale Price: $2.50 Coupon: 5/17RP Final Price: $1.75 or 65% off

If you bought all 9 items, you would spend $9.15 after coupons and save 63% off!

Make sure you do your own list at because there are other great deals this week!

Interesting Promotion at McDonald's

I just read this online and I haven't tried it. If you purchase a latte at McDonald's- ask if there is a free sandwich that comes with the latte. Never hurts to ask and the worse they could say is no. It's a "silent" promotion and will only work if you ask.

Supposedly works for breakfast items as well.

Cool website I found today!

Check out and click on the purple box on the left. Click on your state and then your area.

You can find local farms for fresh produce and local pick your own produce farms! I found 3 blueberry and blackberry farms all less than 5 miles from the house and I didn't know they were there! Blueberries will be ready to pick now or by the end of June. There is even an organic farm literally right around the corner from my house!

The best is the prices- the organic farm sells quarts for $1.75 and they are over $4 in the stores. I even found 2 places that charge $5 a gallon!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cheap Baseball- $1.00 Upper Level this Monday, June 8th for the Atlanta Braves

Took the girls to their first Braves game last night and I was looking at the schedule. Make sure you check your local team's 2009 Promotional Schedule.

This Monday, the Braves host the Pirates and it's Dave Ramsey Night. All Upper Reserved seats are $1.00. Going to be an interesting game considering the Atlanta Braves just acquired their All Star best hitter today.

Great deal if you don't mind sitting in the upper seats. We did last night and we should have just sat on the roof we were so high. Mike's dad sang the National Anthem with his church choir and these were the seats available through the church. We had fun.

There are great deals on tickets out there but if you plan to feed a family of four at Turner Field- you are going to spend a small fortune. I brought in waters, Capri Suns, sandwiches and snacks. Turner Field used to be so strict but not anymore. We parked, saw the game and spent under $20.00. The girls did get soft frozen lemonades. So you can go have a great day at the ballgame and not spend a ton.

Turner Field is also great about all the fun activities at the stadium. There is a Cartoon Network Kid Zone, the Chick Fil A Cow was there and the girls had fun before the game.

Another tip- if you take your ticket stub to The Varsity after the game and purchase a drink and fries... you get a free "naked" dog. If you aren't in Atlanta- it's a plain hot dog but I got a chili dog for free. The Varsity is an Atlanta Institution and you don't want to ever go downtown without a stop at The Varsity!

IP Coupon for $1.00 off AJC this Sunday

Click here and print a coupon for $1.00 off the AJC this Sunday at Kroger. Remember, you can use this coupon as a competitor coupon at Publix as well.

It works on doubles so that's a great deal to get extra inserts!!

Freebie and good deal on deodorant and batteries at Krogers

Right Guard 3-D Active Sports are $1.00 this week. Match with the $1.00 off from the 4/19S to get this for free!

Energizer Batteries: 4AAA, 4AA, 1 9V, 2C or 2D are 5/$10. Use coupon from 5/03S to get these for a $1.00 each.

Free Movies and Concert Festivals Around Atlanta this Summer

Here are some websites to get more information on some free family fun around Atlanta!

Dive In Movies at W Atlanta- Perimeter's Wet Deck

Movies in the Park- Various locations

Movies Under the Stars- Mall of Georgia

Northside Hospital- Forsyth Film Fest

Screen on the Green- Centennial Olympic Park

Starlight Drive In Cost $$


City of Kennesaw's Summer Concert Series

Concerts by the Springs- Sandy Springs

Roswell Riverside Sounds

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's that time of the month!

HAHA Not THAT but all printable coupons are refreshed, is reloaded and the downloadable coupons are refreshed also. Take a couple of minutes to go get what you need for this month!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Freebies on the other blog!

Now that school is out- I've had more time to find freebies and deals for the other blog.

Click here and check back daily. Bookmark because summer is here and I'm finding deals for everything under the sun!

Some deals at CVS this week- Stock up on Sunscreen!

Found 3 deals I liked this week:

Huggies Wash 15oz
Sale Price: $2.50 Coupon: 4/19S Final Price: $1.50 or 60% off
Arm & Hammer 2X Liquid Detergent
Note: Coupon is for Essentials if included
Sale Price: $3.00 Coupon: 4/19S (must buy 2) Final Price: $2.50 or 58% off
Hawaiian Tropic Suncare Buy 2 and get $10 ECB Prices start at $7.89
Coupon: 5/03S (hopefully you have 2 coupons) Final Price: $1.89 or 76% off after ECB
Note: Coupon is for 6oz or higher

So, here's how I would work this deal. Do the Suncare and get your $10 ECB. Hopefully, you have previous ECBs that you can apply to this deal and get even cheaper. I have a $5.00 ECB so I can apply that to the suncare deal. I buy the lowest cost X 2 for just under $15, use 2 X $1.00 coupons, get the total to $13.00 or so, use the $5 ECB and spend around $8 plus tax out of pocket. $10 ECB prints on my receipt. Then I buy the Huggies Wash times 4 since I have 4 coupons for $6.00 and 2 detergents for $5.00, use the $10 ECB and pay $1.00 plus tax out of pocket. If this works and I can find a sunscreen that's 6oz or larger for $7.89 then I'm spending just under $10 and getting 2 sunscreens, 2 detergents and 4 Huggies Wash.

That's the best case scenario and I may spend more on the sunscreen to get the spray products since they are much easier to apply and we are going to be living up at the pool this summer. Even so, this is a great deal stocking up on much needed items for the house and the summer.