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Start Saving with Style with Southern Coupon Belle! I'm now COUPONING IN CoMo!
What happens when a Coupon Expert in one region of the USA moves to another area of the country? I have started over learning new stores, coupon policies and building a reasonable stock pile and savings routine from scratch since October 1, 2011. I was an expert in Atlanta and the South but now happily reside in Columbia, Missouri!

I've searched other blogs and sites but I can't find someone else in my shoes so hopefully reading how I started over can help you! Whether you are a seasoned couponer in a new area OR a beginner- I know I can help walk you through what to do and help you start saving big! Starting over has made me realize how newbies to coupons feel and made me walk a grocery store aisle or two in a beginner's shoes again! Email me at and let me know how I can help! Thanks for reading and taking this journey with me!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

31 Days to Clean Ebook Just $4.99!

Go to: and find out how to get this ebook in PDF version or for Amazon Kindle. Having a Martha House the Mary Way is also a spiritual journey and I can't wait to get into it!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tomorrow (4/27) is 31 Cent Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011- Find a participating store near you from 5pm to 10pm and get .31 cents scoops with a limit of 3 scoops per person!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't buy papers tomorrow- no inserts!

It's Easter Sunday so no coupon inserts tomorrow. Only buy the paper if you plan on reading it!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Freebie buying eggs at Walgreens this week!

Fun freebie at Walgreens this week- they have a dozen eggs for $1.29 each and if you buy 2 then you will get a catalina with codes for 2 one night rentals from Redbox. That price is pretty good in my area so it was worth getting the rentals to get my eggs at Walgreens.

This is a great example of how items you would never think of buying at the drug store become bonus purchases when you pay attention to the fine detail in the print ad. And I love deals where I can increase the value on something I needed regardless!

Warning- there is a separate rent promo button either at the beginning of your transaction or at checkout on Redbox. Learned the hard way but we still have 2 free rentals. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Results of our Avery ES Cubs Coupon Club (our school)

I wanted to share a link to the follow up article about the coupon club we started at the elementary school. Go read what just 12 families saved in 44 days!

Note: only about 2 of the 12 were avid couponers when the contest started- and the receipts varied in percentages and showed true weeks of shopping- not just super shops at the drugstores! Everyone is still at it and having fun with it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Possible Four Inserts This Weekend!

I've read that there are 2 Smart Source and 2 Redplum inserts in tomorrow's paper. Just double check before you buy more than one.

Have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Taste of Sam's Club- 4/15-17

Head over to Sam's Club this weekend for free entry and no upcharge! Great time to stock up without being a member or go check out Sam's Club to see if you might want to be a member.

Living Smart 101: Lifetime Guarantees

The Fed Ex man just brought me a box of 5 Tervis Tumblers with UGA logos on them. They retail for about $12 each and I got them for almost free. How? By taking advantage of the Lifetime Guarantee that Tervis Tumblers offers.

In case you don't know- Tervis Tumblers are hot/cold, freezer/dishwasher safe plastic cups that are won't break and don't sweat. You can get team logos, letters etc. on them. They are great cups and we've had them for over 10 years. We noticed that our logo had "slipped" inside the wall of the tumbler on a few so we sent them back about a month ago. These issues were most likely from overuse but they guarantee their product for life! We checked the website, filled out the form and paid the shipping to send them back to the company.

Pay attention to products that have lifetime guarantees. I have a file folder for UPC codes, warranty information etc. for several products we have here so that if I need to take them up on their promise- I have the information they will require for replacement. We have 5 new cups ready for the next decade of use. And we support a great company with a wonderful product made here in the USA! We give these tumblers as gifts all the time and we continue to add to our collection. Companies stand behind their products for a reason so look for lifetime guarantees on the products you use. You might just take them up on it one day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Freebies from CVS this week!

Click here to like CVS eauty Club on Facebook. Then enter your CVS card, email address and they will email you a coupon to print for a free full sized Essence of Beauty Sanitizer item.

Click here and fill out the form to follow CVS on Twitter. You'll get a coupon for a free candy or beverage up to $2.00. Offer through 4/14 and the coupon is good until 4/17.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Super Stay 24 2-Step Lip Color

I'm a BzzAgent and I receive great products and coupons to share my product reviews.
I received 4 full size Maybelline Super Stay 24 2-Step Lip Colors and they are wonderful!

These Lip Colors are long lasting because have a formula that includes Micro-Flex that allows you lip color that looks and feels great for up to 24 hours. What I liked the most was they didn't dry my lips out like other long lasting lip colors have done in the past. There are 30 amazing shades to choose from. It's a 2 in one product that gives you the base coat one one end and then the top coat gloss. I've really been impressed and if you would like more information about it- visit for more information!

Great product for long lasting lip color that you don't have to worry about throughout your busy day!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm pitching a TV Pilot- Subtle Couponing

I hate to break the bad, sad news but I will not be appearing on the new show on TLC- Extreme Couponing. It was so over the top, not correct at all and yes, there have been some questions about how legit some people have been on the show.

Instead, I would like to introduce a new concept to TLC and everyone. Subtle Couponing. So what is that? Doing couponing on a different level that doesn't involve 100s of coupons, shelves in your garage, taking over your child's closet etc. And GASP- being able to go to bed without 1000 rolls of toilet paper in the pantry! BUT... I have everything, never run out of anything but most importantly I'm not paying full price EVER!

I follow a general rule of thumb- I buy 2 double papers each Sunday which gives me 4 sets of coupon inserts each week. I have 4 people in my household. Get my math? I may buy 3 doubles when I know the paper is really stacked with extra inserts but that only happens a couple times a year. So, I am only buying 4 of everything when I find the best price in the 9-12 weeks sale cycle for an item.

Can I brag I have 68 bottles of mustard. NO! I have 10 regular, a couple of spicy brown and some honey mustard. Do I need 10? NO! But, when VBS has hot dog dinner night- I am donating, when PTA has the Sock Hop- I'm on it in the mustard department and the rest will get us through the next year. Having more than 2 or 3 will just insure that with grocery prices changing- it's one less item to worry about.

I can take pictures to prove that we are fully stockpiled for a family of four. When I get low on something- even meat- I'm patient and an incredible deal comes along. We are not brand loyal but we still seem to get everything we need when we need it.

I can't brag that I am an Extreme Couponer but I can boast that I am a GREAT Couponer that realizes there are others out there that need the same deals I do, managers of stores that me being extreme could affect their performance reviews and just a really nice person that wants as many people interested to enjoy the game of coupons! I would take that status over being on TV any day! (and I've been on TV! LOL) I couldn't be Southern Coupon Belle if I wasn't polite and I am proud of that!

If you watched the TLC show and have negative reactions- comment and we will put together a webinar to discuss. There is a median to couponing that will put you basically in the same position as those featured on TLC. Extreme Couponing equals an extreme amount of time, money spent on coupon sources that weren't mentioned, stores that wanted to be featured that would never allow that many coupons at once and people that are more interested (in my opinion) to contributing to a stockpile than saving money. True "savings sense" would realize that you can only use so many of an item in a reasonable amount of time that the little out of pocket and tax add up.

I would like anyone that is new to coupons and how it works- please contact me for a free webinar to show how to realistically do this. I promise you will be amazed at how much you reasonably bring home and stock up without taking over your house!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coupon 101: Golden Rules of Couponing

I wrote this several months ago but thought it appropriate after the response to TLC's Extreme Couponing episodes last night.

I'm on my coupon soapbox tonight. I know my "peeps" are reasonable and adhere to the 12 Cycle/My Household Need Golden Rule to couponing. Explanation- you only buy what you think will outfit your family to hold out until the 12 week sales cycle comes back around on a product. But there is a big problem out there and if we don't settle down and be more reasonable- some "coupon crazies" are going to ruin this for all of us. And I heard it from a Manager's mouth tonight.

In other words- Do Coupons Unto Others As You Would Have Coupons Done To You.
And yes, I'm comfortable paraphrasing the Lord because of the countless people that have emailed, hugged me, cried to me that I have been a blessing, saved their household, allowed them to get a husband through school, survived a job loss etc. etc. etc.

We were at a Publix tonight looking for a couple of deals that we had a hard time finding this week. The Hydro Razor, the Rold Gold Pretzels and the Nivea Body Wash for Women and Men. Found 1 razor, got the pretzels and no luck on the Body Wash.
The lines bottle necked all of a sudden and we got checked out by a manager. He asked what site I used after saving huge and he was really cool. He thanked me for just buying 4 of each item but the razor. Kinda His Quote: "We just can't handle these folks that come in, buy 10 of everything, come back the next day and our shelves are empty because they are so relentless. Corporate is thinking about putting limits out there but don't want to hurt people like you that are stocking up on a great deal but not clearing our shelves."

Here are some points I would like to make:
1. Please only buy what your house can use in 12 weeks!! Are you going to use 10 Nivea Body Washes in 12 weeks? If your answer is yes and you have the coupons- buy them but don't clear the shelf. Work with a manager, go do little trips and yes that may decrease your chances of getting all 10 but be fair to others that are planning their lists each week, cutting their coupons, putting the same time and energy that you have done to get a chance to get the same deals as you do. Plus could the "coupon crazies" realize that when they buy in bulk and run to the store- they are telling these inventory systems that there is a great deal and then informing the store management to NOT re-stock like they regularly do. SUBTLE COUPONING WOULD BENEFIT US ALL!
2. TRUST the 12 Week Cycle!
The world is not ending and you must buy 40 boxes of Mac and Cheese! There will be other sales, other opportunities to get the same great deal another week. Don't clear shelves like you've only got this last chance forever to get Ken's Salad Dressing forever and ever. Great example- 3 weeks ago the Nivea Body Wash was free at Walmart. This week it's free or was at Publix and Target. You don't think that while stores appear "annoyed" at the freebie- they are still getting the coupon amount from the manufacturer AND the freebie gets you in the store with the hope you spend more money. Patience in couponing can be rewarding. CALM DOWN!! :)
3. Working with a Manager Could Make You Golden! I know this is true because Mike has done it. Go to the Manager on Duty and ask if you can purchase the amount of a product you have coupons for. OR if you see there are 4 of an item left and that's it- go and ask if you can purchase them all. Ask if you could get them trouble, when their truck comes in, is there a better day to purchase or could they set aside X amount of X for you later in the week. I've mentioned in presentations and in the blog that CVS stores are secret shopped and the management gets in HUGE trouble for empty shelves. Have you ever thought about if YOUR significant other was that manager and having his performance on the job altered by people clearing shelves without warning? Be respectful of the people that keep the stores running and stocked. We all have people and expectations that we have to answer to.
4. "I buy in super bulk to stock my Church/Organization Food Ministry." Nothing wrong with that and I donate as much as I can each and every week. Had a "Whipped My Head Around So Fast- It Should Be Sore Tomorrow" moment at Publix. Witnessed an amazing conversation. Said woman is clearing out the razors, has her deal list and coupons when a family member comes up and asks clear as day- "What church are we getting free food from tomorrow?" People are stockpiling, clearing shelves and still getting assistance which is fine but maybe your donations aren't always going to where your best intentions are thinking they are going. You could be depriving the family that really needs to make their grocery budget stretch and are too proud to ask for help when others are taking full advantage of it!
The only change I'm asking AGAIN is just break your deals up and take the chance you may not get as much as you wanted to donate to help others so other folks that REALLY NEED IT can make the same effort as you and (and love your charitable heart)get the deals can have a chance.

I know it's fun, I know stockpiling makes you feel good but let's all be fair, reasonable, share the love and be respectful. I could never clear a deal or take advantage because I worry there is someone out there that has to make these deals work for their family to survive. Please do the same.

Just remember the Golden Rule- Get what your family needs, remember there are others that may have needs beyond yours who put out the same effort to get lists and coupons ready, those that may grasp hope from these deal lists and can find the light at the end of the tunnel to keep their family afloat and our greed/ambition/obsession could be hurting so many more people in the end versus the just following the "Coupon Golden Rule." Being reasonable has always worked for me. 'Nuf Said- Peace Out!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Coupon for Heinz Vinegar!

Click here or go to:

You can print a .50/1 coupon which becomes cheap if not free vinegar just in time to dye Easter Eggs!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kids Eat Free at Chili's- Tomorrow 4/5

Kids eat FREE... tell your friends and family!
Who doesn't love FREE food? Especially when it's Chili's. You know 'Kids eat FREE' will put a smile on their face, so send your friends and family this offer. They'll receive A FREE Kids meal with purchase of an adult entree. It's easy, share now!

You can sign up to receive your coupon and send a reminder to your friends! You can share on social networks as well!

I "Heart" Lovable Labels!

We're on Spring Break and I was getting Madi ready today for Golf Camp. I was tagging her clubs and water bottle with my Lovable Labels! I haven't talked about them in awhile and realized now is the perfect time to order for summer camps and programs.

Lovable Labels are so cute with so many designs to choose from! They are dishwasher and microwave safe plus UV resistant. The clothing labels are washing machine and dryer safe. One unique product they offer is the allergy alert labels which informs others about your child's allergies on their lunch boxes and drink bottles.

I encourage you to check out the site and what a great line of products they have to offer. I have a 10% off any product discount code to share with you! Just use the code: TraciRLB1 when checking out!

Trust me- you will love these labels when getting your family ready for a fun filled summer!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coupon 101: Loss Leaders

We did some great shops today and I even ran into a good friend at Kroger that participated in the Avery Cubs Coupon Club through our PTA. She was working the deals and I showed her a loss leader that I found in the meat department. I realized that loss leaders would be a great topic for a Coupon 101.

Wikipedia: A loss leader or leader[1] is a product sold at a low price (at cost or below cost)[2] to stimulate other profitable sales. It is a kind of sales promotion, in other words marketing concentrating on a pricing strategy. A loss leader is often a popular article. Sometimes leader is now used as a related term and means any popular article, in other words one sold at a normal price.[3]

Where does that work for you? If you know your prices and you realize you are looking at a loss leader then stock up! Usually, I like loss leaders in the meat department but you will also find them throughout the grocery store. There is also another reason for a loss leader and that's a store stocking up on let's say chicken breasts and they aren't selling like they predicted. Lowering the price will drive more shoppers to purchase the item before the expiration dates.

Like the definition said above, I went to a Farmer's Market and Kroger today. Both had asparagus for next to nothing! There's an abundance since it's a spring vegetable but the stores also want you to love this time of year aka Spring and fresh asparagus so when they raise prices later- you are willing to pay more. The other deal we found tonight were pork loins great for throwing on the grill. We stocked up on several to throw in the freezer for grilling later on this spring/summer.

Loss leaders are always a reason to scan the store and all the departments for unexpected deals. You have to know your prices and how you can take advantage when you come across low prices to move product!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Savings Report through 03/31/11

We've started a new month and technically a new quarter so I thought I would share my 2011 Savings so far!

Shelf Cost: $2168.27
Coupons: -498.07
Sales: -719.03
Saved: $1217.10

Spent: $998.72
% Saved: 56.13%
Budgeted: $850.00
Variance: ($148.22)

These numbers include all items needed- produce, meat stock-ups, household products, personal items, vacation groceries, a birthday party, a holiday dinner, Super Bowl etc... basically everything! Not too shabby for a family of 4 with 2 children that are now eating like adults. 90 days into 2011= $11.10/day for all meals and items needed for a family of 4!

I was impressed- Mike was skeptical. Really? I asked him if he was serious... we don't eat poorly- we eat pretty darn good! I reminded him that in the last 90 days- we've stocked up on so many household items to last at least the next year like dish washing tablets, laundry detergent and such. We handled big events, trips and a birthday party! I am very impressed considering I know the majority of folks go into the grocery store and spend $1000.00 without a second thought in 3-4 weeks!

Are you skeptical of these numbers? Are you wondering if we miss out, go without or eat poorly? The answer is no and if you want to do this- I can help you! (I sound like a Baptist Preacher at 12:04pm on a Sunday! LOL) Webinars make it easy to talk and my going rate these days is pretty good considering! :)

So, the numbers for 1st quarter are good- now we face the rise in grocery prices but will also see where we can save in other areas and add the garden plus creative savings into the formula for the rest of 2011. I'll keep you posted and share how we are making it work! Our savings report is showing that whether we believe it or not- we are rocking it!

How are you saving? Please share!

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