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What happens when a Coupon Expert in one region of the USA moves to another area of the country? I have started over learning new stores, coupon policies and building a reasonable stock pile and savings routine from scratch since October 1, 2011. I was an expert in Atlanta and the South but now happily reside in Columbia, Missouri!

I've searched other blogs and sites but I can't find someone else in my shoes so hopefully reading how I started over can help you! Whether you are a seasoned couponer in a new area OR a beginner- I know I can help walk you through what to do and help you start saving big! Starting over has made me realize how newbies to coupons feel and made me walk a grocery store aisle or two in a beginner's shoes again! Email me at and let me know how I can help! Thanks for reading and taking this journey with me!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great Deal at Ultra this week!

If you use "salon" products- there is a great sale at Ultra this week! Liter sizes of select Matrix and Redken shampoos and conditioners are on sale this week for $13.99.

Matrix line includes: Biolage, Amplifly and Sleek Look
Redken line includes: Blonde Glam, Color Extend, Smooth Down and many more.

Combine with the $3.50 off $10.00 or more purchase and you're getting an incredible deal. Liters go for $14.95 at Walmart and much more expensive at other stores and salons. There is a limit of 6 liters per customer. Gather multiple coupons, do multiple shops and you can save big and stock up for a long time.

I'm constantly asked what I am willing to spend money on and it's shampoo and conditioner. I think it last longer, my color last longer and my hair is healthier in the end.

Deals on School Supplies this week.

Here's what I think look good this week on school supplies. I still think they might get better- the competition is just gearing up and just a handful of us are going back to school on August 3rd. For example, Office Depot usually does .10 Crayola 24 packs of crayons but I haven't seen it yet. I'll get what we need to start the year and take to Meet & Greet this Thursday. If the dime deals comes around this year- I'll stock up for the rest of the year.

12 pack Papermate pens .50
6 pack Elmers glue sticks $1.00

24 count Crayola crayons .20
Crayola 12 count colored pencils $1.00

Elmers glue 4 oz .25
Bic Mechanical Pencils 5 count .25
Pencil Sharpeners .25
Index Cards .25

2 pk Elmers glue sticks .25
24 pack Crayola crayons .25
Crayola markers $1.00
Crayola colored pencils $1.00
Ziploc bonus boxes of bags $2.00 Coupon is 7/26S for $1.00 off 2 or .40 off 1
Puffs 4 pack of tissue boxes $3.24
Elmers Glue 4 oz .25
Bic Pens 12 count $1.00

Don't forget limits at most stores except for Walmart so decide if a deal is "worth the mileage" for a few cents difference.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review- International Farmers Market

I mentioned earlier about shopping at these markets and today we went as a family. What a neat experience and the girls had a blast. They were intrigued by the out of the ordinary items like live catfish, cow's tongue and a leg of lamb! Madi commented that the leg of lamb was "huge and she thought lambs were little!" Made us laugh. She also had a blast acting like she could read Chinese by covering up the English "subtitle" on the package and challenging Mike to tell her what an item was.

We went to the Cobb market today and got some great deals!! 2 pounds of cherries for $1.98 and they are $1.99/lb at the grocery store and Sam's Club. Great deals on citrus, seafood and veggies.

We got a pound of fresh shrimp tonight and they tasted like we were at the beach. They were $5.99/lb or you could get head on for $2.99/lb. If you aren't afraid of cutting the heads off- what a great deal!! We also got scallops that were priced incredible and had a awesome dinner tonight.

One of the best things I found was fresh pork that isn't injected with "enhancements" like you find in the grocery stores now. Great prices and we just cooked a Boston Butt for tomorrow and it rocks!

The only thing I noticed was some of the meats are from Mexico. It's labeled clearly and I do think I would like to stick with the USA meats just to be on the safe side.

It was a fun visit, great prices on great products and we had fun walking the aisles and looking at all the products from all over the world.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It starts tomorrow!! Free or close to it at Staples for back to school items and office supplies.

Penny Offers are good from 7/12-7/15. There are limits per visit but you can visit more than once!

Be sure to get a couple of the ads from tomorrow's paper because there is a $5 off $20 coupon on the front.

8 pack of #2 pencils are .01 cents, limit two.
Staples 4X6 Photo Paper is on sale for $9.99 and you can get $8.99 back in a rebate so $1.00 each after rebates.
Bic White Out is $1.00 for a 2 pack.
Sharpie Highlighters 6 pack is $1.00
Sharpie 3 pack erasers $1.00
2 pack kids scissors $1.00
Copy Paper is on sale for $3.99 and there is a rebate for $3.98, limit 2.
Bic Fashion Pens are $1.00. Click here for a $1.00 off coupon making these free.

There are other deals and several buy one get one free offers. I think the prices can be better on these items in the upcoming weeks.

You can really stack the photo paper and copy paper deals to create your $20, use the $5 off and then get overage back on rebates. If you want help putting these together- shoot me an email.

Free Portrait Package at Picture People

This is a great summer promotion but hurry because it expires on 7/25/09. This isn't the normal 1 portrait or picture sheet but an entire package! One 8X10, 2 5X7s and 8 wallets.

Go here:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coupon 101: Coupon Casino- When to Hold Them, When to Fold Them

Deals are going to start pouring in as companies want you buying their products to get ready for back to school. However, this is a gambling game and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't.

I used this particular scenario that popped up earlier at my friend, Bethany's house when we did a GNO seminar not too long ago. Will it work again to hold off and wait for a better price? Don't hold me to it but this is what happened the last time this deal came around.

Betty Crocker fruit snacks are on sale this week at Publix and with a coupon to buy 2- you can get for .80 each or a savings of 69%. I remember this deal the last time it came around the sale cycle. I remember asking if Mike thought it was a good deal and he said no. We waited one week and they were on sale again but with a better coupon from that week's newest coupon inserts. The coupon out right now is for a purchase of 2 boxes and they are on sale for $1.30. The next coupon was for 1 box and the .50 cent coupon doubled to $1.00 making the fruit snacks just .30 each at that point.

I have no idea how it will pan out but I'm going to hold off. Fruit Snacks are a Back to School hot item and I think the coupons/deals will be better. If they aren't- no biggie. This isn't a staple or a need item- just something the girls enjoy in ration.

The point I'm trying to make is there are still questions, doubts and even a season pro like me has to weigh the options, my chances to score the best deal and decide when to cash in those coupons. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but I do encourage you to trust the 12 week sale cycle. It rarely fails me even when I worry that I'm out of a particular item.

I've never been to Vegas but if I had the odds in my favor like I do from the 12 week sale cycle with couponing- I think I could hit it big!

Deals at Publix this week!

Finally, some deals!! Here's what I liked at Publix this week.

Tai Pei Frozen Dinners BOGO
Sale Price: $1.50 Coupon: 3/1RP Must buy 2 Final Price: $1.00 or 67% off
Huggies Bath Products BOGO
Sale Price: $1.65 Coupon: 4/19S Final Price: .65 or 80% off
Margaret Holmes Vegetables
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 5/10RP Final Price: .30 or 77% off
Dial Bar Soap 3 count
Sale Price: $1.19 Coupon: 5/17S1 Final Price: .49 or 76% off
Daisy Sour Cream
Sale Price: $1.67 Coupon: 5/31RP Final Price: .67 or 71% off
Newmans Own Salsa
Sale Price: $2.00 Coupon: 5/31RP Final Price: $1.00 or 60% off
A1 Marinades BOGO
Sale Price: $1.45 Coupon: 6/14S Final Price: FREE or 100% off
Spray N Wash Stain Remover Spray or Stick BOGO
Sale Price: $1.50 Coupon: 6/14S Final Price: .50 or 83% off
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks BOGO
Sale Price: $1.30 Coupon: 6/14S Must buy 2 Final Price: .80 or 69% off
Muellers Pasta BOGO
Sale Price: $1.00 Coupon: 6/21S Must buy 2 Final Price: .50 or 75% off
Planters Peanuts BOGO
Sale Price: $1.60 Coupon: 6/28S Must buy 2 Final Price: .85 or 73% off

If you bought all these items, you would spend $9.36 and save 75%!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coupon 101: Calling companies for coupons

I've mentioned this before but a good friend of mine from high school, Bev emailed me to tell me it worked and how easy it was.

She emailed the company that makes her brand of cat litter and I think she told me it was the Nestle Corporation. She got a response the next day that they would gladly send her coupons not only for that product but other products as well. And because she was a loyal customer- they would send her coupons every 4-6 weeks!

It's easy, takes a few minutes to research, send the email or make a phone call. During this economy, I think I would seriously fall on the floor if any company refused to give you coupons to use and buy their products.

Thanks Bev for reminding me how easy this is to do and get great results!!

$1.00 off AJC this Sunday

Don't forget to print your coupon for $1.00 the AJC this Sunday.
It works on doubles and the coupon is for Kroger but remember that Publix should take it as a competitor's coupon.

Free Chick Fil A this Friday!

It's Cow Appreciation Day this Friday, July 10th at Chick Fil A. Dress like a cow and get a free meal.

Details on all the contests are here:

Free Mocha Mondays At McDonald's through 8/3

Free Mocha Mondays starting this Monday through August 3rd between 7am and 7pm. 8oz mocha or 7 oz iced mocha while supplies last.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where are the deals????

One of the reasons I've been quiet is the deals are just not there. Maybe it's just me but I'm not finding prices that I like to stock up on items.

Never fear- it will change soon in the upcoming weeks. Deals on Back to School items like lunch items, breakfast items etc will start to pop up as people get ready for the new school year. The coupons will increase also.

There are dry spells so don't worry- hang in there and it will turn around.

It's that time of the year...Saving on Back to School Supplies!

I'm a planner and definitely like to stay ahead and get ready for school. However, be patient and wait for the pricing war between the Office Supply stores, Walmart, Target and the drug stores. In the upcoming weeks- there will be awesome prices on supplies so wait and stock up when the prices are at their best!

Another hint- I ran into Ross the other day and noticed an entire wall of backpacks. All types, colors, trends, characters etc. This is the time to buy at a great price at one of the discount chains.

The Office Supply stores will start offering penny items, 10 cent items each week with limits. However, if you have several in your area or when you are out and about- you can stop by real quick and take advantage of that particular item each week to stock up for the school year.

For example, there will be one week that Office Depot will offer 10 cent packs of Crayola Crayons 24 count. They will limit anywhere from 5-10 but like I said, with a couple of visits- you can stock up for the entire school year!

Hint- with the limits- sign up with the office chains if you are a teacher. Staples has a program and you can buy more than the limit with the card they will give you. They will also honor the program if you are a preschool teacher or home school.

The other great deal is Walmart will fight hard to keep up with the specials the other stores are offering. They will bottom line their supplies with no limits.

I stock up on mechanical pencils, glue sticks, crayons, folders, binders, paper, pens etc. Plan for the entire school year, just not what you need to start the year. I also try to get enough that I can take my new teacher a goody bag of supplies at Meet and Greet. Teachers spend so much of their own money to prepare their classrooms so any contributions you can make will be very appreciated!

Also, take advantage of these deals for your church, MOPs, Scouts etc. These are great deals, you're not taking advantage of the system and when your child comes to you at 8pm and says they need paper- no big deal!

I'll highlight the deals I like each week.
Happy Back to School Shopping!

A Gem... International Farmer's Markets

It's funny when you create your own perceptions about places, things or even people without checking them out first. Mike has visited 2 International Farmer's Markets in our area and has been super impressed with both and better yet- their prices!

Mike went to the Buford Highway Farmers Market last week. If you are here in Atlanta- it's right at 285 and Buford Highway. Mike said it was super clean, great prices if you know your prices on produce. Some were high but most were very reasonable if not awesome. For example, Mike got a huge bag of key limes for .99 cents and 12 lbs of pickling cucumbers for $6.75. He didn't get to explore as much as he wanted but plans to go back this week.

Today, he went to the Cobb International Farmers Market. He said it reminded him of Harry's or Whole Foods and the meat/seafood prices were incredible. Cut, ready to go chicken wings were $1.49/lb, large shrimp with heads on were $2.99/lb and whole filet mignon was $4.99/lb. He didn't ask if they would cut it for you but I'm sure they would. The big plastic containers of spring mix salad greens was $1.49 and at Kroger- it's $3.99.

Check in your area and see if you have an International Market in your area. Be careful of course going into an unknown area of your town.

I'm Back!

I know I didn't announce a short break but with the holidays and a couple weeks of slow deals- I'm now back and ready to go into one of my favorite times of year- saving on Back to School items. I'll explain more in a post tonight.

We had a super relaxing 4th of July weekend on a wonderful houseboat with some great friends and their family. Now it's time to start finishing up the summer- we go back to school on August 3rd! YIKES!! Less than one month away.

However- I'm excited about a new gem we've found, saving huge on back to school and what items we will start seeing super savings on as the new school year approaches. Thanks for reading and feel free to share the blog with all of your friends!